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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Abstraction and interaction: an art system for white noiseEdmonds, EA; Banissi, E; Sarafraz, M; Huang, ML; Wu, Q
2020-09-11An Initial Visual Analysis of the Relationship between COVID-19 and Local Community FeaturesHua, J; Huang, ML; Zhao, C; Hua, S; Shih, C; Banissi, E
2014-10-21Angular TreemapsHuang, M; Liang, J; Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Banissi, E; Marchese, FT; Forsell, C; Johansson, J
2006-01Creating affective visualisations for a Physiologically interactive artworkMuller, E; Turner, GA; Khut, PG; Edmonds, EA; Banissi, E; Burkhard, RA; Ursyn, A; Zhang, JJ; Bannatyne, MWM; Maple, C; Cowell, AJ; Tianm, GY; Hou, M
2020-09-11Designing infographics/visual icons of social network by referencing to the design concept of ancient Oracle Bone charactersHuang, ML; Zhao, R; Hua, J; Nguyen, QV; Huang, W; Wang, J; Banissi, E
2020-09-11DGViewer: A Hybrid Approach towards Visualisation of Dynamic NetworksHuang, W; Goodwin, MJ; Huang, ML; Huang, X; Banissi, E
2005-01DIGITAL ART: A brief history of the Graphical User Interface in contemporary art practice, 1994-2004Gwilt, ID; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Roberts, JC; Loften, B; Ursyn, A; Burkhard, RA; Lee, A; Andrienko, G
2020-09-11Enhancing Scatter-plots with Start-plots for Visualising Multi-dimensional DataNguyen, QV; Huang, ML; Simoff, S; Banissi, E
2006-01Hypermedia for portable video players (PVP)Leggett, MG; Amitani, S; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Huang m, L; Wu, Q
2008-01Real-time antialiasing of Edges and Contours of Point Rendered Implicit SurfacesHarbinson, D; Balsys, RJ; Suffern, KG; Sarfraz, M; Banissi, E; Jeng, WC
2005-01Seeing eye-to-eye: Supportive transdisciplinary environments for interactive artTurner, GA; Edmonds, EA; Weakley, AJ; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Roberts, JC; Loften, B; Ursyn, A; Burkhard, RA; Lee, A; Andrienko, G