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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-14Automated detection of pain levels using deep feature extraction from shutter blinds-based dynamic-sized horizontal patches with facial images.Barua, PD; Baygin, N; Dogan, S; Baygin, M; Arunkumar, N; Fujita, H; Tuncer, T; Tan, R-S; Palmer, E; Azizan, MMB; Kadri, NA; Acharya, UR
2022-08-15Automated Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Horizontal and Vertical Patch Division-Based Pre-Trained DenseNET with Digital Fundus Images.Kobat, SG; Baygin, N; Yusufoglu, E; Baygin, M; Barua, PD; Dogan, S; Yaman, O; Celiker, U; Yildirim, H; Tan, R-S; Tuncer, T; Islam, N; Acharya, UR
2023-10-01Automated mental arithmetic performance detection using quantum pattern- and triangle pooling techniques with EEG signalsBaygin, N; Aydemir, E; Barua, PD; Baygin, M; Dogan, S; Tuncer, T; Tan, RS; Rajendra Acharya, U
2023-08-01FGPat18: Feynman graph pattern-based language detection model using EEG signalsKirik, S; Dogan, S; Baygin, M; Barua, PD; Demir, CF; Keles, T; Yildiz, AM; Baygin, N; Tuncer, I; Tuncer, T; Tan, RS; Acharya, UR
2023-04-01Most complicated lock pattern-based seismological signal framework for automated earthquake detectionGokhan Ozkaya, S; Baygin, N; Barua, PD; Singh, AR; Bajaj, M; Baygin, M; Dogan, S; Tuncer, T; Tan, RS; Rajendra Acharya, U
2023-06PatchResNet: Multiple Patch Division-Based Deep Feature Fusion Framework for Brain Tumor Classification Using MRI Images.Muezzinoglu, T; Baygin, N; Tuncer, I; Barua, PD; Baygin, M; Dogan, S; Tuncer, T; Palmer, EE; Cheong, KH; Acharya, UR