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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-24Addressing Consumer Misconceptions on Antibiotic Use and Resistance in the Context of Sore Throat: Learnings from Social Media Listening.Essack, S; Bell, J; Burgoyne, D; Eljaaly, K; Tongrod, W; Markham, T; Shephard, A; López-Pintor, E
2017-11-01Ant colony algorithm for building energy optimisation problems and comparison with benchmark algorithmsBamdad, K; Cholette, ME; Guan, L; Bell, J
2020-07-16Approaches for Authentic Engagement: Younger Onset DementiaFrost, D; Dillon, S; Grady, S; Thurlow, J; Leong, TW; Bell, J
2018-05-15Building energy optimisation under uncertainty using ACOMV algorithmBamdad, K; Cholette, ME; Guan, L; Bell, J
2003-01Buprenorphine versus methadone maintenance: a cost-effectiveness analysisDoran, CM; Shanahan, M; Mattick, RP; Ali, R; White, J; Bell, J
2017-11-28Collaborative futures: A technology design approach to support living well with dementiaBell, J; Leong, TW
2019-05-02Collaborative futures: Co-designing research methods for younger people living with dementiaBell, J; Leong, TW
2020-07Combined analysis of 3 cross-sectional surveys of pain in 14 countries in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia: impact on physical and emotional aspects and quality of life.Hagen, M; Madhavan, T; Bell, J
2023-05Common Selfcare Indications of Pain Medications in Children.Zempsky, W; Bell, J; Mossali, VM; Kachroo, P; Siddiqui, K
2018-04-01Community pharmacists—Leaders for antibiotic stewardship in respiratory tract infectionEssack, S; Bell, J; Shephard, A
2010-03-18Critical illness due to 2009 A/H1N1 influenza in pregnant and postpartum women: population based cohort studySeppelt, I; Sullivan, E; Bellomo, R; Ellwood, D; Finfer, S; Howe, B; Knight, M; McArthur, C; McDonnell, N; McLintock, C; Morgan, TJ; Morrison, S; Nguyen, N; Peek, MJ; Pollock, W; Vaughan, G; Wang, YA; Web, SAR; Pettila, V; Bailey, M; Cooper, DJ; Cretikos, M; Davies, AR; Harrigan, PWJ; Hart, GK; Iredell, J; Mitchell, I; Nichol, A; Paterson, DL; Peake, S; Richards, B; Stephens, D; Turner, A; Yung, M; Homer, C; Pulver, LJ; Elliot, E; Ho, T; Thompson, J; Zurynski, Y; Callaway, L; Welsh, A; Oats, J; Gupta, B; Hague, W; McKee, A; McGuinness, S; Parke, R; Whitley, A; Newby, L; Simmonds, C; Eastwood, G; Peck, L; Fletcher, J; Boschert, C; Smith, J; Bennett, G; Ong, L; Nand, K; Reece, G; Sara, T; Ernest, D; Eliott, S; Sidhu, J; Carroll, A; Richmond, S; Wenck, D; Bishop, G; Ashley, R; Crowfoot, E; Henderson, S; Mehrtens, J; Fizzell, J; Faithfull, S; Baynes, T; Bersten, A; Ryan, E; Scroggs, S; Blythe, D; Palermo, A; Bortz, P; Lodding, K; Mott, M; Vagg, S; Frengley, R; Haslam, A; La Pine, M; Bingham, T; Cavill, D; Jennings, B; Parr, M; Micallef, S; Chaplin, J; Gregory, K; Presneill, J; Sutton, J; Horsley, C; Tai, J; Tilsley, A; Crozier, T; Galt, P; Reilly, M; Rockell, J; Hoyling, L; Weisbrodt, L; Bell, J; Flanagan, A; Laing, J; Duke, G; Parkes, M; Carr, J; Lambert, J; Boots, R; Lassig-Smith, M; McLaine, J; Thomas, J; Winter, S; Barge, D; Caf, T; Harley, N; MacIsaac, C; Bird, S; Raper, R; Chamberlain, J; Gould, A; McEntaggart, G; Gattas, D; Rajbhandari, D; Rees, C; Baker, S; Bicknell, A; Roberts, B; Nair, P; Reynolds, C; Evans, J; Gordon, G; Jones, L; Radtke, S; Andrews, L; Elder, R; Hicks, P; Mackle, D; Boyd, R; Mudaliar, Y; Nayyar, V; Skelly, C; Stachowski, E; Sterba, M; Johnson, B; Robinson, J
2013-07-02Does continuity of care impact decision making in the next birth after a caesarean section (VBAC)? A randomised controlled trialHomer, CSE; Besley, K; Bell, J; Davis, D; Adams, J; Porteous, A; Foureur, M
2022-06-08Early intervention in acute upper respiratory tract infectionsBell, J; Chua, A; Eccles, R; Salvi, S; Schellack, N; Wang, DY
2002Hijacking country of origin imageFletcher, R; Bell, J; Tynan AC; Ennew CT; Winklhofer H; O'Malley L; McKechnie S; Mitussis D; Patterson M; Liao M-N
2016-01-01Linking adaptation science to action to build food secure Pacific Island communitiesCvitanovic, C; Crimp, S; Fleming, A; Bell, J; Howden, M; Hobday, AJ; Taylor, M; Cunningham, R
2021-10-06Management of acute upper respiratory tract infection: the role of early intervention.Wang, DY; Eccles, R; Bell, J; Chua, AH; Salvi, S; Schellack, N; Marks, P; Wong, YC
2016-12-01A new solution for PharmacyBell, J
2019-12-01Non-invasive identification of polymers in cultural heritage collections: evaluation, optimisation and application of portable FTIR (ATR and external reflectance) spectroscopy to three-dimensional polymer-based objectsBell, J; Nel, P; Stuart, B
2020-10-28Point-of-Care Testing for Pharyngitis in the Pharmacy.Essack, S; Bell, J; Burgoyne, D; Tongrod, W; Duerden, M; Sessa, A; Altiner, A; Shephard, A
2016-10-01Self-Care in the Twenty First Century: A Vital Role for the PharmacistBell, J; Dziekan, G; Pollack, C; Mahachai, V