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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-10Assessing the Potential of Heat Pumps to Reduce the Radiator Size on Small SatellitesBennett, N; Lim, B
2021Conditions and Cautions for Transforming Ocean GovernanceBlythe, J; Armitage, D; Bennett, N; Silver, J; Song, A; Baird, J; Plummer, R
2022-01-01Data-driven recipe optimisation based on unified digital twins and shared prediction modelsWöstmann, R; Borggräfe, T; Janßen, S; Kimberger, J; Ould, S; Bennett, N; Moreno, VH; Deuse, J
2022-08-07Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM): Analysing and Mapping Research Trends and Industry NeedsGuertler, M; Clemon, LM; Bennett, N; Deuse, J
2022-09-25Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production How could Digital Technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?Deuse, J; Sick, N; Bennett, N; Guertler, M; Hoffmann, F; Lammers, T; Hernandez Moreno, V
2022-09-15Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production – How could algae based sink technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?Deuse, J; Hoffmann, F; Sick, N; Bennett, N; Lammers, T; Hernandez Moreno, V
2019-04-03Forecasting the development of explosive leg power in youth soccer playersBennett, N; Woodcock, S; Pluss, MA; Bennett, KJM; Deprez, D; Vaeyens, R; Lenoir, M; Fransen, J
2020-01-01Functionalized metal oxide nanoparticles for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs): A reviewKishore Kumar, D; Kříž, J; Bennett, N; Chen, B; Upadhayaya, H; Reddy, KR; Sadhu, V
2020-11Hierarchically nanostructured thermoelectric materials: challenges and opportunities for improved power factorsNeophytou, N; Vargiamidis, V; Foster, S; Graziosi, P; de Sousa Oliveira, L; Chakraborty, D; Li, Z; Thesberg, M; Kosina, H; Bennett, N; Pennelli, G; Narducci, D
2022-12-01Industry 4.0 for energy productivity – Opportunity Assessment for Research Theme B2, Final ReportTrianni, A; Bennett, N; Lindsay, D
2019-05-10Low-temperature titania-graphene quantum dots paste for flexible dye-sensitised solar cell applicationsKumar, DK; Suazo-Davila, D; García-Torres, D; Cook, NP; Ivaturi, A; Hsu, MH; Martí, AA; Cabrera, CR; Chen, B; Bennett, N; Upadhyaya, HM
2019-03-15Manufacture of glass and mirrors from lunar regolith simulantSchleppi, J; Gibbons, J; Groetsch, A; Buckman, J; Cowley, A; Bennett, N
2019-03-08Optimizing room temperature binder free TiO<inf>2</inf> paste for high efficiency flexible polymer dye sensitized solar cellsKishore Kumar, D; Hsu, MH; Ivaturi, A; Chen, B; Bennett, N; Upadhyaya, HM
2016-11-01Positron probing of disordered regions in neutron-irradiated siliconArutyunov, N; Bennett, N; Wight, N; Krause-Rehberg, R; Emtsev, V; Abrosimov, N; Kozlovski, V
2017-12-01Recommendations for the control of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE): A guide for acute care health facilities: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health CareRichards (Chair), M; Cruickshank, M; Cheng, A; Gandossi, S; Quoyle, C; Stuart, R; Sutton, B; Turnidge, J; Bennett, N; Buising, K; Cooper, C; Cooley, L; Ferguson, J; Gilbert, L; Greenough, J; Greig, S; Harrington, G; Howden, B; Iredell, J; Lum, G; Peleg, A; Rogers, B; Romanes, F; Waters, MJ
2019-05-01Scalable screen-printing manufacturing process for graphene oxide platinum free alternative counter electrodes in efficient dye sensitized solar cellsKumar, DK; Swami, SK; Dutta, V; Chen, B; Bennett, N; Upadhyaya, HM
2019-09-15Screen printed tin selenide films used as the counter electrodes in dye sensitized solar cellsKishore Kumar, D; Popuri, SR; Swami, SK; Onuoha, OR; Bos, JW; Chen, B; Bennett, N; Upadhyaya, HM
2020-03-15Synthesis of SnSe quantum dots by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method for efficient solar cells applicationsKishore Kumar, D; Loskot, J; Kříž, J; Bennett, N; Upadhyaya, HM; Sadhu, V; Venkata Reddy, C; Reddy, KR
2016-02-01The role of annealing conditions on the low temperature photoluminescence properties of CuAlO<inf>2</inf>Byrne, D; Bennett, N; Cowley, A
2023-05-25Thermal Control of CubeSat Electronics Using ThermoelectricsBennett, N; Hawchar, A; Cowley, A