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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03-08Briefing paper: Gender and social inclusion in the Pacific water–food nexusDavila Cisneros, F; Berry, F; Grant, M; Willetts, J
2022-09-01Certification and sustainability assessment for battery materials: review of requirements and data commonalitiesLangdon, R; Berry, F; Northey, S; Giurco, D; Li, W; Farjana, S; Cox, D
2014-03-01Changing our Tune: Scoping the potential of the Australian music industry to address climate changeBerry, F; Wynne, LE; Riedy, C
2016-05-30Data evaluation report of the LIEEP Power Savers Project (PSP)Berry, F; Downes, J; Madden, B; Riedy, CJ
2005-01Education about and for sustainability in Australian business schools: Stage 1Tilbury, D; Crawley, C; Berry, F
2013-01Electricity retailer disclosure study: Briefing notes for the Total Environment CentreDownes, J; Berry, F; Rutovitz, J
2022-04-13Evidence Brief UNFSS Pacific Country Food System Pathways AnalysisBerry, F; Bless, A; Davila Cisneros, F
2023-02-01Examining sustainability claims for bioplasticsBerry, F; Dominish, E; Legg, R
2016-12-01Food Waste at Festivals & Markets: Yamba ‘Surfing the Coldstream’ Festival TrialDownes, J; Berry, F
2021-06-07Greener Clothes? Environmental Initiatives and Tools in the Garment Sector in AsiaSharpe, S; Berry, F
2015GreenPower Program Public Consultation PaperRiedy, CJ; Jackson, M; Berry, F; Harris, B; Matyus Flynn, S; Saintilan, C; Levine, D
2015-06-01GreenPower Program Review: Final ReportRiedy, CJ; Jackson, M; Berry, F; Downes, J; Harris, B; Matyus Flynn, S; Saintilan, C; Levine, D
2019-09-12Health Impacts of Daylight in BuildingsWilmot, K; Thomas, L; McGee, C; Wynne, L; Berry, F; Ulas, E
2024-06-30Is the Northern Rivers food system resilient? Northern Rivers food security scoping studyBerry, F; Keegan, S; Renouf, J; Sadegh Koohestani, S; New, M
2023-07-01IT & Data Centre Sustainability in AustraliaNoble, G; Atherton, A; Berry, F
2022-12-01Market and sustainability potential for algal bioplastics in AustraliaBerry, F; Retamal, M; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Ralph, P
2017-09-11Measuring Urban Green Space in AustraliaPlant, RA; Cunningham, R; Berry, F; Madden, B; Hageer, Y; Huete, A
2020-10-22Murray-Darling Basin Water Efficiency Program; Water savings opportunities summary reportWatson, R; Fane, S; Butler, A; Berry, F
2012-01NSW Sustainable Households Program 2012: Literature ReviewRiedy, C; Daly, JG; Berry, F; Brennan, T
2021-02Strengthening Gippsland Community Energy Leadership and GovernanceRiedy, C; Berry, F; Ross, K