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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Aug-2009Artist, evaluator and curator: Three viewpoints on interactive art, evaluation and audience experienceEdmonds, E; Bilda, Z; Muller, L
Jan-2006Collaborative analysis framework for evaluating interactive art experienceBilda, Z; Costello, BM; Amitani, S
Jan-2007Comparing entropy measures of idea links in design protocols: Linkography entropy measurement and analysis of differently conditioned design sessionsKan, JW; Bilda, Z; Gero, JS
1-Nov-2008Designing for creative engagementBilda, Z; Edmonds, E; Candy, L
1-Dec-2007Establishing research criteria for performed gestures and emotional interaction in an interactive gestural film game: To be or not to beDanylak, R; Bilda, Z; Edmonds, E
Jan-2006Evaluating audience experienceBilda, Z; Edmonds, E; Muller, C; Turnbull, D
1-Dec-2008Experience evaluation of interactive art: Study of GEO landscapesBilda, Z; Bowman, C; Edmonds, E
Jan-2008Exploring Design Options for interactive Video with the Mnemovie hypervideo systemLeggett, MG; Bilda, Z
Jan-2008Idea Development Can Occur Using Imagery OnlyBilda, Z; Gero, JS; Gero, JS; Goel, AK
Jan-2009Our Content: Generative Montage Methods for Multimedia DataAmitani, S; Bilda, Z; Hills, DL; Edmonds, EA; Sasaki, H; Ehmann, M; Bellot, GO; Dini, O
1-Nov-2008Our Content: generative montage methods for multimedia dataAmitani, S; Bilda, Z; Edmonds, E
Jan-2006Practise-led strategies for interactive art researchCandy, L; Amitani, S; Bilda, Z