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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Analysing the commercial development of Australian rugby utilising financial reportingBond, D; Fujak, H; Frawley, S; Whales, L
2012-03-01Did Australian Firms Choose to Switch to Reporting Operating Cash Flows Using the Indirect Method?Bond, D; Bugeja, M; Czernkowski, R
2019-03-01Does greater user representation lead to more user focused standards? An empirical investigation of IASB's approach to standard settingBhimani, A; Bond, D; Sivabalan, P
2017-11-01The Effect of Competition Expansion on the Volume and Distribution of Travel for Super Rugby TeamsBond, D; Frawley, S; Duffield, R
2016-03-01An evaluation of asset impairments by Australian firms and whether they were impacted by AASB 136Bond, D; Govendir, B; Wells, P
2017-12-01Market reaction to non-GAAP earnings around SEC regulationBond, D; Czernkowski, R; Lee, YS; Loyeung, A
2017-07-03Market reaction to Non-GAAP Earnings around SEC regulationBond, D; Czernkowski, R; Loyeung, AL; Lee, Y-S
2008-01-01Podcasting and its relation with student performanceBond, D; Holland, T; Wells, P
2021-01-01Research productivity of Australian accounting academicsBond, D; Clout, VJ; Czernkowski, RMJ; Wright, A
2018-12-01A Snapshot of the Australian TaxpayerBond, D; Wright, A
2009-01-01Student performance and its association with utilisation of teaching materialBond, D; Holland, T; Wells, P
2012-11-22A team-teaching based approach to engage studentsBond, D; Czernkowski, R; Wells, P