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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-01Behind Closed Gates: The Barriers to Self-Expression and Publication for Australian Young Adult Authors of OwnVoices FictionBooth, E; Narayan, B
2024-01-01Conspiracy, misinformation, radicalisation: understanding the online pathway to indoctrination and opportunities for interventionBooth, E; Lee, J; Rizoiu, MA; Farid, H
2018-01-01‘Don’t talk about the gay character’: Barriers to queer young adult fiction and authors in schools and librariesBooth, E; Narayan, B
2020-03-01“The Expectations that We Be Educators”: The view of Australian Authors Young Adult Fiction on their OwnVoices Novels as “Windows” for Learning about Marginalized Experiences”Booth, E; Narayan, B
2020-01-31“The Expectations That We Be Educators”: The Views of Australian Authors of Young Adult Fiction on Their OwnVoices Novels as “Windows” for Learning about Marginalized ExperiencesBooth, E; Narayan, B
2021-04-28Identifying Inclusion: Publishing Industry Trends and the Lack of #OwnVoices Australian Young Adult FictionBooth, E; Narayan, B
2021-03-01Investigating the Publication of OwnVoices Australian Picture Books in 2018Booth, E; Kwaymullina, A; Lim, R
2024-01-01Labelling, shadow bans and community resistance: did meta's strategy to suppress rather than remove COVID misinformation and conspiracy theory on Facebook slow the spread?Johns, A; Bailo, F; Booth, E; Rizoiu, MA
2022-05-31Slipping to the Extreme: A Mixed Method to Explain How Extreme Opinions Infiltrate Online DiscussionsKong, Q; Booth, E; Bailo, F; Johns, A; Rizoiu, MA
2021-03-01"That Authenticity is Missing": Australian Authors of #OwnVoices Fiction on Authorship, Identity, and Outsider WritersBooth, E; Narayan, B
2021-07-03The Illusion of Inclusion: Disempowered “Diversity” in 2018 Australian Children’s Picture BooksBooth, E; Lim, R
2022-06-01The Picture of Privilege: Examining the Lack of Diverse Characters in 2018 Australian Children's Picture BooksBooth, E; Lim, R
2018-07-03Towards diversity in young adult fiction: Australian YA authors’ publishing experiences and its implications for YA librarians and readers’ advisory servicesBooth, E; Narayan, B
2022-01-01Who is Telling ‘Australian’ Stories? The Results from the First Nations and People of Colour Writers CountKon-yu, N; Booth, E
2023-04-03Young adult literature: from romance to realismBooth, E