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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-01Attitudes, Knowledge and Practice Behaviours of Oncology Health Care Professionals towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Patients and their Carers: A Mixed-Methods StudyUssher, JM; Perz, J; Allison, K; Power, R; Hawkey, A; Dowsett, GW; Hickey, M; Parton, C; McDonald, FEJ; Davis, ID; Quinn, GP; Boydell, K; Robinson, KH; Chambers, S; Anazodo, A
2021-08-01Dialogical inquiry: multivocality and the interpretation of textWells, R; Barker, S; Boydell, K; Buus, N; Rhodes, P; River, J
2022-12-21Encouraging help-seeking and engagement in a mental health app: What young people wantGarrido, S; Oliver, E; Chmiel, A; Doran, B; Boydell, K
2018-10Peer work in Open Dialogue: A discussion paper.Bellingham, B; Buus, N; McCloughen, A; Dawson, L; Schweizer, R; Mikes-Liu, K; Peetz, A; Boydell, K; River, J
2023-11-09Raising the Bar: A qualitative study of a co-produced model for promoting research partnerships in mental healthRiver, J; Bellingham, B; Isobel, S; Gill, K; Boydell, K; Conlon, L; Goodhew, M; Cutler, N; Kemp, H
2019-08-30The Hive, MBG SPHERE International Health SymposiumDoran, B; Chua, S; Gibson, C; Boydell, K; Dadich, A; Doran, B; Gibson, C
2021-07-14Towards epistemic justice doing: Examining the experiences and shifts in knowledge of lived experience researchers over the course of a mental health research training programme.Bellingham, B; Kemp, H; Boydell, K; Isobel, S; Gill, K; River, J
2023-10What constitutes brilliant aged care? A qualitative study of practices that exceed expectation.Dadich, A; Kearns, R; Harris-Roxas, B; Ni Chroinin, D; Boydell, K; Ní Shé, É; Lim, D; Gonski, P; Kohler, F
2021-09-22What this collaboration between artists and health-care leaders teaches us about living through COVID-19Doran, B; Dadich, A; Watfern, C; Boydell, K; Habak, K