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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01-01Agent-Based Negotiation in Uncertain EnvironmentsDebenham, J; Sierra, C; Bramer, M; Coenen, F; Petridis, M
2009-01An Argumentation Agent Models Evaluative CriteriaDebenham, JK; Iliadis, L; Vlahavas, I; Bramer, M
2005-01A Bargaining Agent Aims to 'Play Fair'Debenham, JK; Bramer, M; Coenen, F; Allen, T
2013Classification Based on Homogeneous Logical Proportions.Moraes, RMD; Machado, LS; Prade, H; Richard, G; Bramer, M; Petridis, M
2013Conditional Preference-Nets, Possibilistic Logic, and the Transitivity of Priorities.Dubois, D; Prade, H; Touazi, F; Bramer, M; Petridis, M
2010-01-01Dual Rationality and Deliberative AgentsDebenham, J; Sierra, C; Bramer, M; Ellis, R; Petridis, M
2004-01An eNegotiation FrameworkDebenham, JK; Bramer, M; Ellis, R; Macintosh, A
2008-01Information-Based Planning and StrategiesDebenham, JK; Bramer, M
2004-01Knowledge Base StructureDebenham, JK; Bramer, M; Devedzic, V
2005-01Modelling ontology views - An abstract view model for Semantic WebRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Wouters, C; Bramer, M; Terziyan, V
2007-01Negotiating IntelligentlyDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Bramer, M; Coenen, F; Tusin, A
2008-01-01Teaching autonomous agents to move in a believable manner within Virtual InstitutionsBogdanovych, A; Simoff, S; Esteva, M; Debenham, J; Bramer, M
2006-01A Trading Agent for a Multi-Issue Clearing HouseDebenham, JK; Bramer, M; Coenen, F; Allen, T
2004-01Virtual Market Environment for TradeBogg, PL; Dalmaris, P; Bramer, M; Devedzic, V