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2023-11A bronchial gene signature specific for severe COPD that is retained in the nose.van Nijnatten, J; Faiz, A; Timens, W; Guryev, V; Slebos, D-J; Klooster, K; Hartman, JE; Kole, T; Choy, DF; Chakrabarti, A; Grimbaldeston, M; Rosenberger, CM; Kerstjens, H; Brandsma, C-A; van den Berge, M
2023-04-01A proteomics approach to identify COPD-related changes in lung fibroblastsBekker, NJ; van Pijkeren, A; Wolters, JC; Sánchez Brotons, A; Guryev, V; Woldhuis, RR; Bischoff, R; Alkema, W; Horvatovich, P; van Nijnatten, JLL; van den Berge, M; Timens, W; Brandsma, C-A
2021-04Comparison of genome-wide gene expression profiling by RNA Sequencing versus microarray in bronchial biopsies of COPD patients before and after inhaled corticosteroid treatment: does it provide new insights?Ditz, B; Boekhoudt, JG; Aliee, H; Theis, FJ; Nawijn, M; Brandsma, C-A; Hiemstra, PS; Timens, W; Tew, GW; Grimbaldeston, MA; Neighbors, M; Guryev, V; van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2021-10-26Determinants of expression of SARS-CoV-2 entry-related genes in upper and lower airways.Aliee, H; Massip, F; Qi, C; Stella de Biase, M; van Nijnatten, J; Kersten, ETG; Kermani, NZ; Khuder, B; Vonk, JM; Vermeulen, RCH; U-BIOPRED study group,; Cambridge Lung Cancer Early Detection Programme,; INER-Ciencias Mexican Lung Program,; Neighbors, M; Tew, GW; Grimbaldeston, MA; Ten Hacken, NHT; Hu, S; Guo, Y; Zhang, X; Sun, K; Hiemstra, PS; Ponder, BA; Mäkelä, MJ; Malmström, K; Rintoul, RC; Reyfman, PA; Theis, FJ; Brandsma, C-A; Adcock, IM; Timens, W; Xu, C-J; van den Berge, M; Schwarz, RF; Koppelman, GH; Nawijn, MC; Faiz, A
2017-02Genome-wide association study on the FEV1/FVC ratio in never-smokers identifies HHIP and FAM13A.van der Plaat, DA; de Jong, K; Lahousse, L; Faiz, A; Vonk, JM; van Diemen, CC; Nedeljkovic, I; Amin, N; Brusselle, GG; Hofman, A; Brandsma, C-A; Bossé, Y; Sin, DD; Nickle, DC; van Duijn, CM; Postma, DS; Boezen, HM
2022-04-04High miR203a-3p and miR-375 expression in the airways of smokers with and without COPD.van Nijnatten, J; Brandsma, C-A; Steiling, K; Hiemstra, PS; Timens, W; van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2022-01-01Identification of asthma associated microRNAs in bronchial biopsies.Roffel, MP; Boudewijn, IM; van Nijnatten, JLL; Faiz, A; Vermeulen, CJ; van Oosterhout, AJ; Affleck, K; Timens, W; Bracke, KR; Maes, T; Heijink, IH; Brandsma, C-A; van den Berge, M
2023-09-14IL-33 Expression Is Lower in Current Smokers at Both Transcriptomic and Protein Level.Faiz, A; Mahbub, RM; Boedijono, FS; Tomassen, MI; Kooistra, W; Timens, W; Nawijn, M; Hansbro, PM; Johansen, MD; Pouwels, SD; Heijink, IH; Massip, F; de Biase, MS; Schwarz, RF; Adcock, IM; Chung, KF; van der Does, A; Hiemstra, PS; Goulaouic, H; Xing, H; Abdulai, R; de Rinaldis, E; Cunoosamy, D; Harel, S; Lederer, D; Nivens, MC; Wark, PA; Kerstjens, HAM; Hylkema, MN; Brandsma, C-A; van den Berge, M; Cambridge Lung Cancer Early Detection Programme,
2020-07Link between increased cellular senescence and extracellular matrix changes in COPD.Woldhuis, RR; de Vries, M; Timens, W; van den Berge, M; Demaria, M; Oliver, BGG; Heijink, IH; Brandsma, C-A
2017-05miR-146a-5p plays an essential role in the aberrant epithelial-fibroblast cross-talk in COPD.Osei, ET; Florez-Sampedro, L; Tasena, H; Faiz, A; Noordhoek, JA; Timens, W; Postma, DS; Hackett, TL; Heijink, IH; Brandsma, C-A
2021-01-01RAGE and TLR4 differentially regulate airway hyperresponsiveness: implications for COPD.Allam, VSRR; Faiz, A; Lam, M; Rathnayake, SNH; Ditz, B; Pouwels, SD; Brandsma, C-A; Timens, W; Hiemstra, PS; Tew, GW; Neighbors, M; Grimbaldeston, M; van den Berge, M; Donnelly, S; Phipps, S; Bourke, JE; Sukkar, MB
2023-05-11Smoking increases expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-binding long ACE2 isoform in bronchial epithelium.Pouwels, SD; van den Berge, M; Vasse, GF; Timens, W; Brandsma, C-A; Aliee, H; Hiemstra, PS; Guryev, V; Faiz, A
2015-10-01The Impact of Acute Smoking on Airway Gene-ExpressionBillatos, E; Gesthalter, Y; ten Hacken, N; Postma, D; Heijink, I; Timens, W; Brandsma, C-A; Faiz, A; Berge, M; Lenburg, M; Spira, A