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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Early Antenatal Prediction of Gestational Diabetes in Obese Women: Development of Prediction Tools for Targeted Intervention.White, SL; Lawlor, DA; Briley, AL; Godfrey, KM; Nelson, SM; Oteng-Ntim, E; Robson, SC; Sattar, N; Seed, PT; Vieira, MC; Welsh, P; Whitworth, M; Poston, L; Pasupathy, D; UPBEAT Consortium,
2021-11"It's like a bus, going downhill, without a driver": A qualitative study of how postpartum haemorrhage is experienced by women, their birth partners, and healthcare professionals.Briley, AL; Silverio, SA; Singh, C; Sandall, J; Bewley, S
2020-10-06Midwifery continuity of care versus standard maternity care for women at increased risk of preterm birth: A hybrid implementation-effectiveness, randomised controlled pilot trial in the UK.Fernandez Turienzo, C; Bick, D; Briley, AL; Bollard, M; Coxon, K; Cross, P; Silverio, SA; Singh, C; Seed, PT; Tribe, RM; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J; POPPIE Pilot Collaborative Group
2017-11-03Prediction of uncomplicated pregnancies in obese women: a prospective multicentre study.Vieira, MC; White, SL; Patel, N; Seed, PT; Briley, AL; Sandall, J; Welsh, P; Sattar, N; Nelson, SM; Lawlor, DA; Poston, L; Pasupathy, D; UPBEAT Consortium,
2018-08-01Relationships between maternal obesity and maternal and neonatal iron statusFlynn, AC; Begum, S; White, SL; Dalrymple, K; Gill, C; Alwan, NA; Kiely, M; Latunde-Dada, G; Bell, R; Briley, AL; Nelson, SM; Oteng-Ntim, E; Sandall, J; Sanders, TA; Whitworth, M; Murray, DM; Kenny, LC; Poston, L