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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-02-10Amniotic fluid embolism incidence, risk factors and outcomes: A review and recommendationsKnight, M; Berg, C; Brocklehurst, P; Kramer, M; Lewis, G; Oats, J; Roberts, CL; Spong, C; Sullivan, E; van Roosmalen, J; Zwart, J
2011-01-01Critical illness with AH1N1v influenza in pregnancy: A comparison of two population-based cohortsKnight, M; Pierce, M; Seppelt, I; Kurinczuk, JJ; Spark, P; Brocklehurst, P; McLintock, C; Sullivan, E
2019-03-04The DESiGN trial (DEtection of Small for Gestational age Neonate), evaluating the effect of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialVieira, MC; Relph, S; Copas, A; Healey, A; Coxon, K; Alagna, A; Briley, A; Johnson, M; Lawlor, DA; Lees, C; Marlow, N; McCowan, L; Page, L; Peebles, D; Shennan, A; Thilaganathan, B; Khalil, A; Sandall, J; Pasupathy, D; Brocklehurst, P; Tebbs, S; Doré, C; Seed, P; Delaney, L; Cresswell, J; Petty, S; Ajay, B; Wright, B; O'Donnell, H; Howard, M; Wayman, E; Galea, P; Dhanjal, M; Iaschi, E; Hodge, V; Samarage, H; Chita, S; Napolitano, R; Tsikimi, I; Ghalustians, F; Bakalis, S; Cicero, S; Peregrine, E; Smith, L; Janga, D; Hutt, R; Chandraharan, E
2010-10-01A novel use of a classification system to audit severe maternal morbidityHomer, CSE; Kurinczuk, JJ; Spark, P; Brocklehurst, P; Knight, M
2022-11-30Planned delivery for pre-eclampsia between 34 and 37 weeks of gestation: the PHOENIX RCT.Chappell, LC; Brocklehurst, P; Green, M; Hardy, P; Hunter, R; Beardmore-Gray, A; Bowler, U; Brockbank, A; Chiocchia, V; Cox, A; Duhig, K; Fleminger, J; Gill, C; Greenland, M; Hendy, E; Kennedy, A; Leeson, P; Linsell, L; McCarthy, FP; O'Driscoll, J; Placzek, A; Poston, L; Robson, S; Rushby, P; Sandall, J; Scholtz, L; Seed, PT; Sparkes, J; Stanbury, K; Tohill, S; Thilaganathan, B; Townend, J; Juszczak, E; Marlow, N; Shennan, A
2019-01-01Planned delivery or expectant management for late preterm pre-eclampsia: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (PHOENIX trial)Chappell, LC; Green, M; Marlow, N; Sandall, J; Hunter, R; Robson, S; Bowler, U; Chiocchia, V; Hardy, P; Juszczak, E; Linsell, L; Placzek, A; Brocklehurst, P; Shennan, A
2011-03-01Planned vaginal delivery or planned caesarean delivery in women with extreme obesityHomer, CSE; Kurinczuk, JJ; Spark, P; Brocklehurst, P; Knight, M