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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03-01Adolescent multiple risk behaviour: An asset approach to the role of family, school and communityBrooks, FM; Magnusson, J; Spencer, N; Morgan, A
2017-11-01Association Between Experiencing Relational Bullying and Adolescent Health-Related Quality of LifeChester, KL; Spencer, NH; Whiting, L; Brooks, FM
2015Associations between adolescents’ experience of general practitioners and health outcomes in England: a cross-sectional study of national dataBrooks, FM
2014-01-01Associations between physical activity in adolescence and health behaviours, well-being, family and social relationsBrooks, FM; Smeeton, NC; Chester, K; Spencer, N; Klemera, E
2019-11The ‘balancing acts’ of building positive relationships with students: Secondary school teachers' perspectives in England and SpainGarcía-Moya, I; Moreno, C; Brooks, FM
2016Evidence briefing: PSHE education, pupil wellbeing and safety at schoolBrooks, FM
2017-04-01Experience of Primary Care Services Among Early Adolescents in England and Association With Health OutcomesYassaee, AA; Hargreaves, DS; Chester, K; Lamb, S; Hagell, A; Brooks, FM
2022-02-07Health, social and economic implications of adolescent risk behaviours/states: protocol for Raine Study Gen2 cohort data linkage study.Marino, JL; Tait, RJ; Straker, LM; Schofield, DJ; Doherty, DA; Ivers, RQ; Graham, PL; Steinbeck, K; Lymer, S; Sanci, LA; Patton, GC; Liu, B; Brooks, FM; Kang, MS; Hickey, M; Cunich, M; Bista, S; Skinner, SR
2021-05-15Perceived Social Support from Different Sources and Adolescent Life Satisfaction Across 42 Countries/Regions: The Moderating Role of National-Level Generalized TrustBi, S; Stevens, GWJM; Maes, M; Boer, M; Delaruelle, K; Eriksson, C; Brooks, FM; Tesler, R; van der Schuur, WA; Finkenauer, C
2019-08-01The role of school-based health education in adolescent spiritual moral, social and cultural developmentChester, KL; Klemera, E; Magnusson, J; Spencer, NH; Brooks, FM
2018-06-01School-level factors associated with teacher connectedness: A multilevel analysis of the structural and relational school determinants of young people's healthGarcía-Moya, I; Brooks, FM; Spencer, NH
2017-07-01Self-harm in adolescence: protective health assets in the family, school and communityKlemera, E; Brooks, FM; Chester, KL; Magnusson, J; Spencer, N
2016-01-02Video gaming in adolescence: factors associated with leisure time useBrooks, FM; Chester, KL; Smeeton, NC; Spencer, NH