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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12-01ADCS reaches adulthood: An analysis of the conference and its community over the last eighteen yearsKoopman, B; Zuccon, G; De Vine, L; Bakharia, A; Bruza, P; Sitbon, L; Gibson, A
2022An Extension of Combinatorial Contextuality for Cognitive Protocols.Obeid, AK; Bruza, P; Moreira, C; Bruns, A; Angus, D
2016-04-25The connected learning analytics toolkitKitto, K; Bakharia, A; Lupton, M; Mallet, D; Banks, J; Bruza, P; Pardo, A; Shum, SB; Dawsony, S; Gaševícy, D; Siemensg, G; Lynch, G
2022-05-01Counterfactuals and causability in explainable artificial intelligence: Theory, algorithms, and applicationsChou, YL; Moreira, C; Bruza, P; Ouyang, C; Jorge, J
2011-12-01The geometric modelling of social frames and contextsKitto, K; Boschetti, F; Bruza, P
2016-03-13Interactive Topic Modeling for aiding qualitative content analysisBakharia, A; Bruza, P; Watters, J; Narayan, B; Sitbon, L
2020Learning Analytics beyond the LMS: Enabling Connected Learning via Open Source Analytics in "the wild"Kitto, K; Lupton, M; Bruza, P; Mallett, D; Banks, J; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D; Buckingham Shum, S; Pardo, A; Siemens, G
2011-11-02Modelling the acitivation of words in human memory: The spreading activation, spooky-activation-at-a-distance and the entanglement models comparedGalea, D; Bruza, P; Kitto, K; Nelson, D; McEvoy, C
2012-12-14Modelling word activation in semantic networks: Three scaled entanglement models comparedGalea, D; Bruza, P; Kitto, K; Nelson, D
2012-05-14Non-compositional concepts and quantum testsKitto, K; Bruza, P
2012-08-22A quantum information retrieval approach to memoryKitto, K; Bruza, P; Gabora, L
2012-12-14The quantum inspired modelling of changing attitudes and self-organising societiesKitto, K; Boschetti, F; Bruza, P
2011-06-01Quantum Theory Beyond the Physical: Information in ContextKitto, K; Ramm, B; Sitbon, L; Bruza, P
2012-05-02Tests and models of non-compositional conceptsKitto, K; Bruza, P; Miyake, N; Peebles, D; Cooper, R
2016-09Towards the Discovery of Learner Metacognition from Reflective WritingGibson, A; Kitto, K; Bruza, P