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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Australian Eclecticism and Theorizing in Information Systems ResearchGregor, S; Bunker, D; Cecez-Kecmanov, D; Metcalf, M; Underwood, J
2011-01Can IS Save the World? Collaborative Technologies for Eco-MobilisationAoun, CF; Vatanasakdakul, S; Cecez-Kecmanov, D; Seltsikas, P; Bunker, D; Dawson, L; Indulska, M
2011-01Connceptualization of a Context Aware Cloud Adaptation (CACA) FrameworkGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Chen, J; Dou, W; Liu, J; Yang, LT; Ma, J
2012-12-01Crowd sourcing challenges assessment index for disaster managementGill, AQ; Bunker, D
2011-12-01An empirical analysis of cloud, mobile, social and green computing: Financial services it strategy and enterprise architectureGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Seltsikas, P
2012-01-01Evaluating a communication technology assessment tool (CTAT): A case of a cloud based communication toolGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Seltsikas, P
2011-01From Cloud to Green: E-Collaboration for Environmental ConservationAoun, CF; Vatanasakdakul, S; Bunker, D; N/A
2018-01-01Investigating the relationship between business analysts’ competency and IS requirements elicitation: A thematic-analysis approachBabar, A; Bunker, D; Gill, AQ
2015-01-01Moving forward: Emerging themes in financial services technologies’ adoptionGill, A; Bunker, D; Seltsikas, P
2020-10-15Queensland Consumers’ Awareness and Understanding of Clinical Genetics ServicesWallingford, CK; Cutler, K; Istiko, SN; Fowles, LF; Lamb, R; Bean, J; Healy, L; Hondow, G; Pratt, G; Vidgen, ME; Waddell, N; Evans, E; Bunker, D; McInerney-Leo, AM
2002-01The Role of Organisation Culture on The Adoption and Diffusion of Software Engineering Process: An Empirical StudySerour, MK; Henderson-Sellers, B; Bunker, D; Wilson, D; Elliot, S
2013-01SaaS Requirements Engineering for Agile DevelopmentGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Wang, X; Ali, N; Ramos, I; Vidgen, R
2013-02-01Towards the development of a cloud-based communication technologies assessment tool: An analysis of practitioners' perspectivesGill, AQ; Bunker, D
2005-01Tracking and profiling successful IT graduatesAdriaanse, JA; Wilson, DN; Campbell, B; Underwood, J; Bunker, D
2005-01Using Repertory Grid in Assessment of Impression FormationWeakley, AJ; Edmonds, EA; Campbell, B; Underwood, J; Bunker, D