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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-01A class-specific soft voting framework for customer booking prediction in on-demand transportKieu, LM; Ou, Y; Truong, LT; Cai, C
2018-09Air quality monitoring using stationary versus mobile sensing units: a case study from Lorraine, FranceMihăiţă, AS; Dupont, L; Cherry, O; Camargo, M; Cai, C
2017-01An investigation of positioning accuracy transmitted by connected heavy vehicles using DSRCMihăiţă, AS; Tyler, P; Menon, A; Wen, T; Ou, Y; Cai, C; Chen, F
2022-05-20Anaerobic microbial manganese oxidation and reduction: A critical review.Wang, X; Xie, G-J; Tian, N; Dang, C-C; Cai, C; Ding, J; Liu, B-F; Xing, D-F; Ren, N-Q; Wang, Q
-Arterial incident duration prediction using a bi-level framework of extreme gradient-tree boostingMihaita, A-S; Liu, Z; Cai, C; Rizoiu, M-A
2017-12-01Automatic classification of traffic incident's severity using machine learning approachesNguyen, H; Cai, C; Chen, F
2018-09-13Data Fusion for MaaS: Opportunities and ChallengesWu, J; Zhou, L; Cai, C; Shen, J; Lau, SK; Yong, J
2019-10Demand Estimation and Prediction for Short-term Traffic Forecasting in Existence of Non-recurrent IncidentsShaffiei, S; Mihăiţă, AS; Cai, C
2018-01-01DualBoost : Handling Missing Values with Feature Weights and Weak Classifiers that AbstainWang, W; Xu, J; Wang, Y; Cai, C; Chen, F; Cuzzocrea, A; Allan, J; Paton, N; Srivastava, D; Agrawal, R; Broder, A; Zaki, M; Candan, S; Labrinidis, A; Schuster, A; Wang, H
2018-10-15Effect of methane partial pressure on the performance of a membrane biofilm reactor coupling methane-dependent denitrification and anammoxCai, C; Hu, S; Chen, X; Ni, BJ; Pu, J; Yuan, Z
2017-10-01Effects of particle size of zero-valent iron (ZVI) on peroxydisulfate-ZVI enhanced sludge dewaterabilityZhou, X; Chen, H; Gao, SH; Han, S; Tu, R; Wei, W; Cai, C; Liu, P; Jin, W; Wang, Q
2016-01-01Estimation of link speed distribution from probe vehicle dataLi, ZG; Cai, C; Menon, AK; Xu, Y; Chen, F
2018-11-01Estimation of sparse O-D matrix accounting for demand volatilityWen, T; Cai, C; Gardner, L; Waller, ST; Dixit, V; Chen, F
2019-06-01Evaluating air quality by combining stationary, smart mobile pollution monitoring and data-driven modellingMihăiţă, AS; Dupont, L; Chery, O; Camargo, M; Cai, C
2017-07-01Event-triggered control for improving the positioning accuracy of connected vehicles equipped with DSRCMihăiţă, AS; Cai, C; Chen, F
2018-01Integrated Incident decision support using traffic simulation and data-driven modelsWen, T; Mihăiţă, AS; Nguyen, H; Cai, C
2018-01-01Integrated incident decision-support using traffic simulation and data-driven modelsWen, T; Mihăitţă, AS; Nguyen, H; Cai, C; Chen, F
2021-01-01Integrating data-driven and simulation models to predict traffic state affected by road incidentsShafiei, S; Mihăiţă, AS; Nguyen, H; Cai, C
2018-05-01Large-scale transit market segmentation with spatial-behavioural featuresKieu, LM; Ou, Y; Cai, C
2010Magneto-optical visualization of vortices penetration into Ba(Fe1.8Co0.2)As2Lin, ZW; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Li, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Xu, K; Cai, C