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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01An Automatic Student Verification System Utilising Off-line Thai Name ComponentsSuwanwiwat, H; Das, A; Ferrer, MA; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M; Guo, Y; Li, H; Cai, W; Murshed, M; Wang, Z; Gao, J; Feng, DD
2022-01-01Cross-modal Clinical Graph Transformer for Ophthalmic Report GenerationLi, M; Cai, W; Verspoor, K; Pan, S; Liang, X; Chang, X
2023-02-01Design and performance simulation of a novel waste heat-driven liquid desiccant combined with transcritical CO2 refrigeration system for ocean-going vessels in typical shipping routesWang, Z; Yu, S; Cao, M; Ji, Y; Cai, W; Han, F
2022-01-01Domain Adaptive Nuclei Instance Segmentation and Classification via Category-Aware Feature Alignment and Pseudo-LabellingLi, C; Liu, D; Li, H; Zhang, Z; Lu, G; Chang, X; Cai, W; Wang, L; Dou, Q; Fletcher, PT; Speidel, S; Li, S
2021-01-01Interactional justice and willingness to share tacit knowledge: perceived cost as a mediator, and respectful engagement as moderatorGupta, B; Wang, KY; Cai, W
2018-02-12A survey on security threats and defensive techniques of machine learning: A data driven viewLiu, Q; Li, P; Zhao, W; Cai, W; Yu, S; Leung, VCM
2023-05-01Universal research index: An inclusive metric to quantify scientific research outputKeshavarz-Fathi, M; Yazdanpanah, N; Kolahchi, S; Ziaei, H; Darmstadt, GL; Dorigo, T; Dochy, F; Levin, L; Thongboonkerd, V; Ogino, S; Chen, WH; Perc, M; Tremblay, MS; Olusanya, BO; Rao, IM; Hatziargyriou, N; Moradi-Lakeh, M; Bella, F; Rosivall, L; Gandomi, AH; Sorooshian, A; Gupta, M; Gal, C; Lozano, AM; Weaver, C; Tanzer, M; Poggi, A; Sepanlou, SG; Weiskirchen, R; Jambrak, AR; Torres, PJ; Capanoglu, E; Barba, FJ; Ernest, CKJ; Sigman, M; Pluchino, S; Gharehpetian, GB; Fereshtehnejad, SM; Yang, MH; Thomas, S; Cai, W; Comini, E; Scolding, NJ; Myles, PS; Nieto, JJ; Perry, G; Sedikides, C; Rezaei, N