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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-01Controlled synthesis of MOF-derived hollow and yolk–shell nanocages for improved water oxidation and selective ethylene glycol reformationHuang, M; Cao, C; Liu, L; Wei, W; Zhu, QL; Huang, Z
2022-06-13Controlling the Biological Behaviors of Polymer-Coated Upconverting Nanoparticles by Adjusting the Linker Length of Estrone Ligands.Zhang, L; Cao, C; Kaushik, N; Lai, RY; Liao, J; Wang, G; Ariotti, N; Jin, D; Stenzel, MH
2023-06-13Exploring the Effect of Drug Loading on the Biological Fate of Polymer-Coated Solid NanoparticlesZhang, L; Cao, C; Tay, SS; Chen, C; Macmillan, A; Wen, S; Jin, D; McCarroll, J; Stenzel, MH
2023Exploring the Most Sectors at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge FinalsCao, C; Nogueira, L; Zhu, H; Keller, J; Best, G; Garg, R; Kohanbash, D; Maier, J; Zhao, S; Yang, F; others,
2019-07Feedback Convolutional Neural Network for Visual Localization and Segmentation.Cao, C; Huang, Y; Yang, Y; Wang, L; Wang, Z; Tan, T
2021-08Fluorescence analysis of centralized water supply systems: Indications for rapid cross-connection detection and water quality safety guarantee.Pan, S; Chen, X; Cao, C; Chen, Z; Hao Ngo, H; Shi, Q; Guo, W; Hu, H-Y
2022-02-01Framework of nacelle inverse design method based on improved generative adversarial networksWang, C; Wang, S; Wang, L; Cao, C; Sun, G; Li, C; Yang, Y
2019-01-22Importance of Polymer Length in Fructose-Based Polymeric Micelles for an Enhanced Biological ActivityLu, M; Chen, F; Cao, C; Garvey, CJ; Fletcher, NL; Houston, ZH; Lu, H; Lord, MS; Thurecht, KJ; Stenzel, MH
2021-04-14Optimizing the Polymer Cloak for Upconverting Nanoparticles: An Evaluation of Bioactivity and Optical Performance.Zhang, L; Chen, C; Tay, SS; Wen, S; Cao, C; Biro, M; Jin, D; Stenzel, MH
2022Resilient and modular subterranean exploration with a team of roving and flying robotsScherer, S; Agrawal, V; Best, G; Cao, C; Cujic, K; Darnley, R; DeBortoli, R; Dexheimer, E; Drozd, B; Garg, R; others,
2019-01-14Sugar Concentration and Arrangement on the Surface of Glycopolymer Micelles Affect the Interaction with Cancer CellsLu, M; Khine, YY; Chen, F; Cao, C; Garvey, CJ; Lu, H; Stenzel, MH