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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Attestation by Governing Bodies: Literature reviewTravaglia, J; Hinchcliff, R; Carter, DJ; Billington, L; Glennie, M; Debono, D
1-Jan-2018Building public confidence in medical registration revalidation: Reform of medical registration law in Australia, a new risk-based approachCarter, DJ; Street, DJ; Bush, S
3-May-2016Cancer patient experience measures: An evidence reviewSaunders, C; Carter, DJ; Jordan, A; Duffield, C; Bichel-Findlay, J
1-Dec-2018Chronic disease management support in Australian workplaces—low base, rising needSaunders, C; Brown, JJ; Carter, DJ; Lapkin, S
1-Mar-2015Correcting the record: Australian prosecutions for manslaughter in the medical contextCarter, DJ
1-Apr-2019First, Do No HarmCarter, DJ
2-Apr-2016HIV transmission, public health detention and the recalcitrant subject of discipline: Kuoth, Lam v R and the co-constitution of public health and criminal lawCarter, DJ
20-Mar-2006Hotspots in cylindrical mirror light pipes: Description and removalSwift, PD; Smith, GB; Franklin, J; Edmonds, IR; Carter, DJ
21-Apr-2016Is health systems integration being advanced through Local Health District planning?Saunders, C; Carter, DJ
1-Jan-2017Is health systems integration being advanced through Local Health District planning?Saunders, C; Carter, DJ
17-Apr-2018It should never have happened: the Louis Tate CaseCarter, DJ
25-Jun-2018Managing Data Breaches and New Mandatory Disclosure Requirements in Medical PracticeCarter, DJ; Hartridge, S
1-Oct-2018Managing Risk Around Upstream ServicesCarter, DJ
3-Aug-2018Mandatory data breach notification requirements for medical practiceCarter, DJ; Hartridge, S
2013NSW Victim Compensation Scheme SlashedCarter, DJ
1-Sep-2018Nurse-led primary health care for homeless men: a multimethods descriptive studyRoche, MA; Duffield, C; Smith, J; Kelly, D; Cook, R; Bichel-Findlay, J; Saunders, C; Carter, DJ
2017Patient Journey and Tracer Methodologies: Literature reviewHinchcliff, R; Glennie, M; Travaglia, J; Carter, DJ; Billington, L; Debono, D
1-Jan-2018The patient's voice: Australian health care quality and safety regulation from the perspective of the publicCarter, DJ; Brown, J; Saunders, C
22-Nov-2016Reading the High Court at a Distance: Topic Modelling the Legal Subject Matter And Judicial Activity of the High Court of Australia, 1903–2015Carter, DJ; Brown, J; Rahmani, A
1-Jan-2017Right care, right place, right time: Improving the timeliness of health care in New South Wales through a public-private hospital partnershipSaunders, C; Carter, DJ