Building public confidence in medical registration revalidation: Reform of medical registration law in Australia, a new risk-based approach

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Journal Article
Journal of Law and Medicine, 2018, 25 (4), pp. 1009 - 1032
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© 2018 Thomson Head Office. This article examines the reform of the Health Practitioner National Law to introduce a form of medical registration revalidation. Revalidation is a regulatory performance management practice designed to confirm the competence of medical practitioners regularly and proactively. Its implementation will shift the law's current contribution to constraining dangerous practice from a largely reactive stance onto a more proactive footing. In aid of advancing the case for registration revalidation, we describe the recent history of the National Law, provide analysis of the proposed revalidation reforms and then apply a novel empirical method of a discrete choice experiment to determine the Australian general public's acceptance of and preferred approach to medical registration revalidation regulation. We argue that the reform represents a potentially effective and, importantly, acceptable reform to existing regulatory performance management and disciplinary systems.
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