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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Are mutual fund investors paying for noise?Casavecchia, L; Hulley, H
2011-01Conditional style rotation model on enhanced value and growth portfolios: The European experienceBird, R; Casavecchia, L
2016-01-01Cross trading by investment advisers: Implications for mutual fund performanceCasavecchia, L; Tiwari, A
2010-01The effect of idiosyncratic risk-taking on mutual fund performance and feesCasavecchia, L; Hulley, H; al, AAE
2009-01-01Fundamental Indexation: An Australian InvestigationMar, J; Bird, R; Casavecchia, L; Yeung, D
2011-05-01The impact on the pricing process of costly active management and performance chasing clientsBird, R; Casavecchia, L; Pellizzari, P; Woolley, P
2019-05-01Jack of all trades versus specialists: Fund family specialization and mutual fund performanceCasavecchia, L; Ge, C
2017Managerial incentives for risk-taking and internal capital allocationCasavecchia, L; Suh, JY
2015-01-01Managerial Sharing, Mutual Fund Connections, and PerformanceAugustiani, C; Casavecchia, L; Gray, J
2007-01Sentiment and Financial Health Indicators for Value and Growth Stocks: The European ExperienceBird, R; Casavecchia, L
2022The Impact of Analyst Forecast Errors on Fundamental Indexation: The Australian EvidenceHambusch, G; Hitchen, J; Casavecchia, L
2007-06-29Value enhancement using momentum indicators: The European experienceBird, R; Casavecchia, L
2018-10-01What moves benchmark money market rates? Evidence from the BBSW marketCasavecchia, L; Loudon, GF; Wu, E