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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Bioethanol production from forest residues and life cycle cost analysis of bioethanol-gasoline blend on transportation sectorHossain, N; Mahlia, TMI; Miskat, MI; Chowdhury, T; Barua, P; Chowdhury, H; Nizamuddin, S; Ahmad, NB; Zaharin, NAB; Mazari, SA; Soudagar, MEM
2021-01-01Chapter 4 Edible bio-oil production from microalgae and application of nano-technologyHossain, N; Chowdhury, T; Chowdhury, H; Ahmed, A; Nizamuddin, S; Griffin, G; Mahlia, TMI; Park, Y-K
2020-10-23Exergetic sustainability analysis of industrial furnace: a case study.Chowdhury, H; Chowdhury, T; Hossain, N; Chowdhury, P; Salam, B; Sait, SM; Mahlia, TMI
2019-10-17Experimental investigation, techno-economic analysis and environmental impact of bioethanol production from banana stemHossain, N; Razali, AN; Mahlia, TMI; Chowdhury, T; Chowdhury, H; Ong, HC; Shamsuddin, AH; Silitonga, AS
2019-01-01Opportunities for solar assisted biogas plant in subtropical climate in Australia: A reviewMahmudul, HM; Rasul, MG; Akbar, D; Mofijur, M; Chowdhury, H; Rasul, M; Alam, F; Chowdhury, A; Jazar, R
2005-06-15Plasmonic heating of gold nanoparticles and its exploitationCortie, M; Xu, X; Chowdhury, H; Zareie, H; Smith, G
2005-02-01Radiative heat transfer across glass coated with gold nano-particlesChowdhury, H; Xu, X; Huynh, P; Cortie, MB
2019-01-01Renewable energy in Bangladesh: Status and prospectsUddin, MN; Rahman, MA; Mofijur, M; Taweekun, J; Techato, K; Rasul, MG; Chowdhury, H; Rasul, M; Alam, F; Chowdhury, A; Jazar, R
2007-02-01Thermal stresses and cracking in absorptive solar glazingChowdhury, H; Cortie, MB
2019-01-01Waste coffee Oil: A promising source for biodiesel productionUddin, MN; Techato, K; Rasul, MG; Hassan, NMS; Mofijur, M; Chowdhury, H; Rasul, M; Alam, F; Chowdhury, A; Jazar, R