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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Can codes of ethics really produce consistent behaviour?Farrell, BJ; Cobbin, DM; Farrell, HM
Jan-2002Codes of ethics: their evolution, development and other controversiesFarrell, BJ; Cobbin, DM; Farrell, HM
Jan-2008A comparison of effects on regional pressure pain threshold produced by deep needling of LI4 and LI11, individually and in combinationLi, W; Cobbin, DM; Zaslawski, CJ
Jan-2011Development of an instrument to assess the quality of acupuncture: Results from a Delphi processSmith, CA; Zaslawski, CJ; Zheng, Z; Cobbin, DM; Cochrane, S; Lenon, GB; Loyeung, Y; Meier, PC; Walsh, S; Xue, C; Zhang, T; Zhu, X; Benosoussan, A
Jan-2001Examination of the Scope and Quantity of Published Osteopathic Research (1999-2000) Identified Using the Search Words Osteopath, Osteopathy and OsteopathicPhillips, AP; Cobbin, DM
Jan-2001Feeling the PulseWalsh, SP; Cobbin, DM; Bateman, K; Zaslawski, CJ
Jan-2001Global harmonisation of the professional behaviour of accountantsFarrell, BJ; Cobbin, DM
Jan-2003The impact of site specificity and needle manipulation on changes to pain pressure threshold following manual acupuncture: a controlled studyZaslawski, CJ; Cobbin, DM; Lidums, E; Petocz, P
Jan-2011An innovative method to accommodate Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis within the framework of evidence-based medical researchBerle, CA; Cobbin, DM; Smith, NF; Zaslawski, CJ
Jan-2013Investigating the effects of three needling parameters (manipulation, retention time, and insertion site) on needling sensation and pain profiles: a study of eight deep needling interventions.Loyeung, BYK; Cobbin, DM
Jan-2002Managing adolescents who relapse following treatment for stutteringCraig, AR; Hancock, K; Cobbin, DM
Jan-2010A Novel Approach to Evaluate Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Outcomes Using Pattern IdentificationBerle, CA; Cobbin, DM; Smith, NF; Zaslawski, CJ
Jan-2006The testing of classical pulse concepts in Chinese medicine Left- and right-hand pulse strength discrepancy between males and females and its clinical implicationsKing, EJ; Walsh, SP; Cobbin, DM
Jan-2008Traditional Chinese medicine tongue inspection: an examination of the inter and intrapractitioner reliability for specific tongue charactersiticsKim, M; Cobbin, DM; Zaslawski, CJ