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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A qualitative study of the strategic alignment perspective of public-sector organisations in Saudi Arabia in the digital ageAl-Ghazi, A; Cui, T; Shen, J; Wamba, SF; Li, M
2019-05-01A survey of segmentation, annotation, and recommendation techniques in micro learning for next generation of OERLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Cui, T; Yu, P; Xu, D; Li, L; Shen, WM; Paredes, H; Luo, J; Barthes, JP
2022-01-01Arbitrary-shape Scene Text Detection via Visual-Relational Rectification and Contour ApproximationXu, C; Jia, W; Cui, T; Wang, R; Zhang, YF; He, X
2020-01-01Attention-Based High-Order Feature Interactions to Enhance the Recommender System for Web-Based Knowledge-Sharing ServiceLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Cui, T; Pritchard, D; Xu, D; Li, L; Wei, W; Beydoun, G; Chen, S; Huang, Z; Beek, W; Wang, H; Zhou, R; Zhang, Y
2014-08Complementary and alternative medicine in reducing radiation-induced skin toxicity.Hu, JJ; Cui, T; Rodriguez-Gil, JL; Allen, GO; Li, J; Takita, C; Lally, BE
2023-01-01Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Resource Allocation for Content Distribution in IoT-Edge-Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCui, T; Yang, R; Fang, C; Yu, S
2020-07-01Deep Sequence Labelling Model for Information Extraction in Micro Learning ServiceLin, J; Zhou, Z; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2020-01-01Deep-Cross-Attention Recommendation Model for Knowledge Sharing Micro Learning ServiceLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G; Chen, S; Bittencourt, II; Cukurova, M; Muldner, K; Luckin, R; Millán, E
2020-01-01Evolutionary learner profile optimization using rare and negative association rules for micro open learningSun, G; Lin, J; Shen, J; Cui, T; Xu, D; Chen, H
2018-01-01Exploration of the misalignment between business and IT strategic objectives in public-sector organisations: An empirical study in Saudi ArabiaAlGhazi, A; Li, M; Cui, T; Fosso, S; Shen, J
2022-06-01From computer vision to short text understanding: Applying similar approaches into different disciplinesLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, DE; Yu, P; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2018-01-01A heuristic approach for new-item cold start problem in recommendation of micro open education resourcesSun, G; Cui, T; Xu, D; Shen, J; Chen, S
2015-01-01Micro learning adaptation in MOOC: A software as a service and a personalized learner modelSun, G; Cui, T; Guo, W; Beydoun, G; Xu, D; Shen, J
2018-01-01Misalignment between business and IT strategic objectives in Saudi Arabia public sector organisationsAlGhazi, A; Li, M; Cui, T; Samuel, FW; Shen, J
2021-01-01MOOC Student Dropout Rate Prediction via Separating and Conquering Micro and Macro InformationLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Yu, P; Cui, T; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2017-08-03Ontological Learner Profile Identification for Cold Start Problem in Micro Learning Resources DeliverySun, G; Cui, T; Shen, J; Xu, D; Beydoun, G; Chen, S
2017-01-01Organizing online computation for adaptive micro open education resource recommendationSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Chen, S; Xu, D; Shen, J
2017-01-11Profiling and Supporting Adaptive Micro Learning on Open Education ResourcesSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Shen, J; Chen, S
2016-01-01Remote Sensing Observations of the Winter Yellow Sea Warm Current Invasion into the Bohai Sea, ChinaGuo, J; Zhang, H; Cui, T; He, Y; Zhang, J; Guo, K; Hou, C; Liu, R
2017-05-26Towards massive data and sparse data in adaptive micro open educational resource recommendation: A study on semantic knowledge base construction and cold start problemSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Chen, S; Dong, F; Xu, D; Shen, J