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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Aboriginal mothers in prison in Australia: a study of social, emotional and physical wellbeingSullivan, EA; Kendall, S; Chang, S; Baldry, E; Zeki, R; Gilles, M; Wilson, M; Butler, T; Levy, M; Wayland, S; Cullen, P; Jones, J; Sherwood, J
2023-02Acculturation and risk of traffic crashes in young Asian-born Australian drivers.Boufous, S; Möller, H; Patton, G; Woodward, M; Stevenson, MR; Senserrick, T; Mclean, R; Cullen, P; Wang, A; Rogers, K; Chen, H-Y; Ivers, RQ
2017-06-01Addressing the barriers to driver licensing for Aboriginal people in New South Wales and South AustraliaClapham, K; Hunter, K; Cullen, P; Helps, Y; Senserrick, T; Byrne, J; Harrison, JE; Ivers, RQ
2021-05-12Are there sex differences in crash and crash-related injury between men and women? A 13-year cohort study of young drivers in AustraliaCullen, P; Möller, H; Woodward, M; Senserrick, T; Boufous, S; Rogers, K; Brown, J; Ivers, R
2018-12-01Communities driving change: evaluation of an Aboriginal driver licensing programme in Australia.Cullen, P; Clapham, K; Lo, S; Rogers, K; Hunter, K; Treacy, R; Porykali, B; Keay, L; Senserrick, T; Ivers, R
2019-01-15Counting Dead Women in Australia: An In-Depth Case Review of FemicideCullen, P; Vaughan, G; Li, Z; Price, J; Yu, D; Sullivan, E
2022-10Driving offences and risk of subsequent crash in novice drivers: the DRIVE cohort study 12-year follow-up.Möller, H; Cullen, P; Senserrick, T; Rogers, K; Boufous, S; Ivers, RQ
2021-10-04Emergency Department Initiated Mental Health Interventions for Young People: A Systematic Review.Walker, N; Medlow, S; Georges, A; Steinbeck, K; Ivers, R; Perry, L; Skinner, SR; Kang, M; Cullen, P
2016-08-01Implementation of a driver licensing support program in three Aboriginal communities: A brief report from a pilot programCullen, P; Clapham, K; Byrne, J; Hunter, K; Rogers, K; Senserrick, T; Keay, L; Ivers, R
2017-03-01‘The program was the solution to the problem’: Process evaluation of a multi-site driver licensing program in remote communitiesCullen, P; Chevalier, A; Hunter, K; Gadsden, T; Ivers, R
2021-12Risky youth to risky adults: Sustained increased risk of crash in the DRIVE study 13 years on.Möller, H; Ivers, R; Cullen, P; Rogers, K; Boufous, S; Patton, G; Senserrick, T
2023-08Self-harm in adolescence and risk of crash: a 13-year cohort study of novice drivers in New South Wales, Australia.Cullen, P; Mőller, H; Baffsky, R; Martiniuk, A; Senserrick, T; Rogers, K; Woodward, M; Stevenson, MR; McLean, R; Sawyer, S; Patton, G; Ivers, RQ
2021-08Socioeconomic status during youth and risk of car crash during adulthood. Findings from the DRIVE cohort study.Mőller, H; Rogers, K; Cullen, P; Senserrick, T; Boufous, S; Ivers, R
2020-09-18The Experiences of Persistent Pain Among Women With a History of Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic Review.Walker, N; Beek, K; Chen, H; Shang, J; Stevenson, S; Williams, K; Herzog, H; Ahmed, J; Cullen, P
2021-11-23The road beyond licensing: the impact of a driver licensing support program on employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.Porykali, B; Cullen, P; Hunter, K; Rogers, K; Kang, M; Young, N; Senserrick, T; Clapham, K; Ivers, R
2018-02-01What is the value of a driver licence? A contingent valuation study of Australian adultsAngell, B; Cullen, P; Laba, T; Lung, T; Shanahan, M; Sakashita, C; Eades, S; Ivers, R; Jan, S
2021-12-01Youth Resilience Education and 13-Year Motor Vehicle Crash Risk.Senserrick, T; Möller, H; Rogers, K; Cullen, P; Ivers, R