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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-09A Study for Understanding E-Commerce Adoption in China's Service SMEs from Web Usability PerspectiveWu, M; Zhang, L; Xing, Q; Dai, L; Du, H
2016-03-30Aligned Nanofibers from Polypyrrole/Graphene as Electrodes for Regeneration of Optic Nerve via Electrical StimulationYan, L; Zhao, B; Liu, X; Li, X; Zeng, C; Shi, H; Xu, X; Lin, T; Dai, L; Liu, Y
2020-01-01An improved deep learning model for online tool condition monitoring using output power signalsDai, L; Liu, T; Liu, Z; Jackson, L; Goodall, P; Shen, C; Mao, L
2019-02-10Blast testing of high performance geopolymer composite walls reinforced with steel wire mesh and aluminium foamLiu, J; Wu, C; Li, C; Dong, W; Su, Y; Li, J; Cui, N; Zeng, F; Dai, L; Meng, Q; Pang, J
2022-08-01Climate policy and low-carbon innovation: Evidence from low-carbon city pilots in ChinaPan, A; Zhang, W; Shi, X; Dai, L
2011-11-09A discretization algorithm of numerical attributes for digital library evaluation based on data mining technologyZhao, Y; Niu, Z; Peng, X; Dai, L
-E-commerce Adoption in China’s Service SMEs: a Study from Web Usability PerspectiveWu, M; Zhang, L; Xing, Q; Dai, L; Du, H
2022-05-01Global transfer of embodied energy: From source to sink through global value chainsPan, A; Xiao, T; Dai, L; Shi, X
2015-08-11Multifunctional luminescent nanomaterials from NaLa(MoO 4) 2:Eu 3+ /Tb 3+ with tunable decay lifetimes, emission colors, and enhanced cell viabilityYang, M; Liang, Y; Gui, Q; Zhao, B; Jin, D; Lin, M; Yan, L; You, H; Dai, L; Liu, Y
2023-07-11Nanoconfined Expansion Behavior of Hollow MnS@Carbon Anode with Extended Lithiation Cyclic StabilityMa, Z; Song, A; Liu, Z; Guo, Y; Yang, X; Li, Q; Fan, Y; Dai, L; Tian, H; Qin, X; Liu, H; Shao, G; Wang, G