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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07An investigation of the emotion of disgust as an affective barrier to intention to screen for colorectal cancer.Davis, M; Oaten, M; Occhipinti, S; Chambers, SK; Stevenson, RJ
2022-05-06Centre for Media Transition, Review of the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code - Consultation Paper, April 2022 - Submission to the TreasuryWilding, D; Attard, M; Molitorisz, S; Davis, M; Kathirgamalingam, V
2003Civics education and human rightsDavis, M
2010-01Closing the Evidence GapBehrendt, LY; Davis, M; Lyons, M
2023Compartmentalized spatial profiling of the tumor microenvironment in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma identifies immune checkpoint molecules and tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily members as biomarkers of response to immunotherapy.Sadeghirad, H; Liu, N; Monkman, J; Ma, N; Cheikh, BB; Jhaveri, N; Tan, CW; Warkiani, ME; Adams, MN; Nguyen, Q; Ladwa, R; Braubach, O; O'Byrne, K; Davis, M; Hughes, BGM; Kulasinghe, A
2020-07-13Correction to Supporting Information for Lundgren et al., Introduced herbivores restore Late Pleistocene ecological functions.Lundgren, E; Ramp, D; Rowan, J; Middleton, O; Schowanek, SD; Sanisidro, O; Carroll, SP; Davis, M; Sandom, CJ; Svenning, J-C; Wallach, A
2022-12Developing a Trauma-Informed and Recovery-Oriented Alternative to 'Aggression Management' Training for a Metropolitan and Rural Mental Health Service.Guha, MD; Cutler, NA; Heffernan, T; Davis, M
2023-08-19Exposure Draft: Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 - Consultation on new ACMA powers, June 2023 - Submission to Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the ArtsAttard, M; Davis, M; Wilding, D
2021-01-20Functional traits of the world’s late Quaternary large-bodied avian and mammalian herbivoresLundgren, EJ; Schowanek, SD; Rowan, J; Middleton, O; Pedersen, RØ; Wallach, AD; Ramp, D; Davis, M; Sandom, CJ; Svenning, J-C
2021<i>IFI27</i> transcription is an early predictor for COVID-19 outcomes; a multi-cohort observational studyShojaei, M; Shamshirian, A; Monkman, J; Grice, L; Tran, M; Tan, CW; Rossi, GR; McCulloch, T; Nalos, M; Chew, KY; Zhu, Y; Xia, Y; Wells, T; Senegaglia, AC; Rebelatto, CLK; Franck, CL; dos Santos, AFR; de Noronha, L; Motamen, S; Valadan, R; Amjadi, O; Gogna, R; Madan, E; Alizadeh-Navaei, R; Lamperti, L; Zuñiga, F; Nova-Lamperti, E; Labarca, G; Knippenberg, B; Herwanto, V; Wang, Y; Phu, A; Chew, T; Kwan, T; Kim, K; Teoh, S; Pelaia, T; Kuan, WS; Jee, Y; Iredell, J; O’Byrne, K; Fraser, J; Davis, M; Belz, G; Warkiani, M; Gallo, CS; Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, F; Nguyen, Q; Mclean, A; Kulasinghe, A; Short, K; Tang, B
2012-12-05An IEEE-1588 compatible RADclockDavis, M; Villain, B; Ridoux, J; Orgerie, AC; Veitch, D
2010-06-15Improving cost-effectiveness of epidemiological studies via designed missingness strategiesStrauss, WJ; Ryan, L; Morara, M; Iroz-Elardo, N; Davis, M; Cupp, M; Nishioka, MG; Quackenboss, J; Galke, W; Özkaynak, H; Scheidt, P
2015-09-01Indicators of integration of oncology and palliative care programs: An international consensusHui, D; Bansal, S; Strasser, F; Morita, T; Caraceni, A; Davis, M; Cherny, N; Kaasa, S; Currow, D; Abernethy, A; Nekolaichuk, C; Bruera, E
2004Indigenous Australians and the Australia- United States free trade agreementDavis, M
2008-01-01Indigenous Knowledge: Beyond Protection, Towards DialogueDavis, M
2016-07-04Institutional collaboration through national project fundingMorgan, AC; Davis, M; Goody, A
2006International Trade Rules and Indigenous Knowledge: A Basic IntroductionDavis, M
2003New Developments in International Advocacy: Amcius Curiae and the World Trade OrganisationDavis, M
2024-03-08News Media Assistance Program - Consultation Paper, December 2023: Submission to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the ArtsWilding, D; Attard, M; Davis, M; Koskie, T; Molitorisz, S
2012-12-05Probing the latencies of software timestampingVillain, B; Davis, M; Ridoux, J; Veitch, D; Normand, N