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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-15A comparative study of the dynamics of a three-disk dynamo system with and without time delayDeng, S; Ji, J; Wen, G; Xu, H
2023-01-01Application of Sewage Sludge as an Agricultural Soil AmendmentYe, Y; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Ding, A; Deng, S; Nguyen, DD; Bui, XT
2021-10-20Attentive sequential model based on graph neural network for next poi recommendationWang, D; Wang, X; Xiang, Z; Yu, D; Deng, S; Xu, G
2023-01-01Biological nutrient recovery from wastewater for circular economyDeng, S; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; You, N; Peng, S
2020CAME: Content- and Context-Aware Music Embedding for RecommendationWang, D; Zhang, X; Yu, D; Xu, G; Deng, S
2022-06-15Characterization of nitrous oxide and nitrite accumulation during iron (Fe(0))- and ferrous iron (Fe(II))-driven autotrophic denitrification: mechanisms, environmental impact factors and molecular microbial characterizationDeng, S; Peng, S; Ngo, HH; Oh, SJA; Hu, Z; Yao, H; Li, D
2023-05Comparative review on microbial electrochemical technologies for resource recovery from wastewater towards circular economy and carbon neutrality.Deng, S; Wang, C; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; You, N; Tang, H; Yu, H; Tang, L; Han, J
2019-07-01Degenerate grazing bifurcations in a three-degree-of-freedom impact oscillatorYin, S; Ji, J; Deng, S; Wen, G
2020-05-01Delay-induced novel dynamics in a hexagonal centrifugal governor systemDeng, S; Ji, J; Wen, G; Xu, H
2015-12-15Exploring user emotion in microblogs for music recommendationDeng, S; Wang, D; Li, X; Xu, G
2016-01-01GEMRec: A graph-based emotion-aware music recommendation approachWang, D; Deng, S; Xu, G
2023-02-27Highly-efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution triggered by spatial confinement effects over co-crystal templated boron-doped carbon nitride hollow nanotubesDai, W; Wang, R; Chen, Z; Deng, S; Huang, C; Luo, W; Chen, H
2022-02-01Impact factors and novel strategies for improving biohydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells.Cheng, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Zhang, S; Deng, S; An, D; Hoang, NB
2016-04-11Improving Music Recommendation Using Distributed RepresentationWang, D; Deng, S; Liu, S; Xu, G
2016-06-06Learning music embedding with metadata for context aware recommendationWang, D; Deng, S; Zhang, X; Xu, G
2018-09-01Learning to embed music and metadata for context-aware music recommendationWang, D; Deng, S; Zhang, X; Xu, G
2018-09-12Mapping Functions Driven Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Training PatchesXia, H; Jiang, F; Deng, S; Xin, J; Doss, R
2021-01-01Modeling Sequential Listening Behaviors with Attentive Temporal Point Process for Next and Next New Music RecommendationWang, D; Zhang, X; Wan, Y; Yu, D; Xu, G; Deng, S
2021-11-28Modular design of an efficient heterostructured FeS<inf>2</inf>/TiO<inf>2</inf>oxygen evolution electrocatalyst: Via sulfidation of natural ilmenitesChen, Z; Zheng, R; Deng, S; Wei, W; Wei, W; Ni, BJ; Chen, H
2019-11-01Multistability in the Centrifugal Governor System under a Time-Delay Control StrategyDeng, S; Ji, J; Yin, S; Wen, G