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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Novel Mobile Edge Network Architecture with Joint Caching-Delivering and Horizontal CooperationSaputra, Y; Dinh, H; Nguyen, D; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-10-14An Effective Framework of Private Ethereum Blockchain Networks for Smart GridDo, SH; Tran, QT; Tran, VK; Dinh, H; Nguyen, T; Nguyen, H; Niyato, D; Nguyen, D; Dutkiewicz, E
2016-12-01Backscattering Wireless-Powered CommunicationsDinh, H; Dusit, N; Ekram, H; Dong, K; Vijay, B; Lotfollah, S
2020-05-25Blockchain and stackelberg game model for roaming fraud prevention and profit maximizationNguyen, C; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Pham, HA; Nguyen, H; Dutkiewicz, E
2016-12-01Cognitive Radio Networks with Wireless Energy HarvestingDinh, H; Dusit, N; Ekram, H; Dong, K; Vijay, B; Lotfollah, S
2020-05-25Collaborative learning model for cyberattack detection systems in IoT industry 4.0Tran, VK; Saputra, Y; Dinh, H; Nguyen, LT; Nguyen, D; Nguyen, H; Dutkiewicz, E
2023-12-01Deep Reinforcement Learning for Wireless Communications and Networking: Theory, Applications and ImplementationDinh, H; Nguyen, H; Nguyen, D; Hossain, E; Niyato, D
2020-02-15Defeating Jamming Attacks with Ambient Backscatter CommunicationsNguyen, H; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Dutkiewicz, E; Mueck, M; Srikanteswara, S
2020-05-25Defeating smart and reactive jammers with unlimited powerNguyen, H; Dinh, H; Nguyen, D; Dutkiewicz, E; Mueck, M
2021-11-09Dynamic optimal coding and scheduling for distributed learning over wireless edge networksNguyen, H; Dinh, H; Nguyen, D; Dutkiewicz, E
2019-11-18An Efficient Algorithm for the k-Dominating Set Problem on Very Large-Scale NetworksNguyen, MH; Ha, MH; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Dutkiewicz, E; Tran, TT
2020-05-02Enabling and Emerging Technologies for Social Distancing during Pandemics like COVID-19: A Comprehensive SurveyNguyen, C; Saputra, Y; Nguyen, H; Nguyen, T; Tran, K; Bui, T; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Vu, T; Dutkiewicz, E; Chatzinotas, S; Ottersten, B
2021-11-09Enabling Large-Scale Federated Learning over Wireless Edge NetworksDinh, T; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Vu, P; Dutkiewicz, E
2022-02Genomic and phenotypic analyses of diverse non-clinical Acinetobacter baumannii strains reveals strain-specific virulence and resistance capacity.Hamidian, M; Maharjan, RP; Farrugia, DN; Delgado, NN; Dinh, H; Short, FL; Kostoulias, X; Peleg, AY; Paulsen, IT; Cain, AK
2023Identification of a Novel LysR Family Transcriptional Regulator Controlling Acquisition of Sulfur Sources in Acinetobacter baumannii.Pokhrel, A; Dinh, H; Li, L; Hassan, KA; Cain, AK; Paulsen, IT
2021-11-10Incentive Mechanism for AI-Based Mobile Applications with Coded Federated LearningSaputra, Y; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Dutkiewicz, E
2019-12-10JOCAR: A Jointly Optimal Caching and Routing Framework for Cooperative Edge Caching NetworksSaputra, Y; Dinh, H; Nguyen, D; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-09-23Joint Coding and Scheduling Optimization for Distributed Learning over Wireless Edge NetworksNguyen, H; Dinh, H; Nguyen, D; Dutkiewicz, E
2020-08-06Learning Latent Representation for IoT Anomaly DetectionVu, L; Cao, L; Nguyen, QU; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Dutkiewicz, E
2023-01-02Metaverse Communication and Computing Networks: Applications, Technologies, and ApproachesHoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Nguyen, CT; Hossain, E; Niyato, D; Dinh, H; Nguyen, D; Nguyen, C; Hossain, E; Niyato, D