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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-01Accelerating Skycube Computation with Partial and Parallel Processing for Service SelectionDong, F; Luo, J; Jin, J; Shi, J; Yang, Y; Shen, J
2018-01-01Active fuzzy weighting ensemble for dealing with concept driftDong, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Li, K
2017-07-01Concept drift region identification via competence-based discrepancy distribution estimationDong, F; Lu, J; Li, K; Zhang, G
2019-01-22Ensemble Machine Learning Systems for the Estimation of Steel Quality ControlLi, F; Wu, J; Dong, F; Lin, J; Sun, G; Chen, H; Shen, J
2020-03-01Facilitating Application-Aware Bandwidth Allocation in the Cloud with One-Step-Ahead Traffic InformationShen, D; Luo, J; Dong, F; Jin, J; Zhan, J; Shen, J
2020-01-01Framework for Feature Selection in Health Assessment SystemsUbaid, A; Dong, F; Hussain, FK
2018-03-01Fuzzy competence model drift detection for data-driven decision support systemsDong, F; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Li, K
2017-11-27GScheduler: Optimizing resource provision by using GPU usage pattern extraction in cloud environmentsXu, Z; Dong, F; Jin, J; Luo, J; Shen, J
2021-01-20How to leverage the role of social capital in pro-environmental behavior: A case study of residents’ express waste recycling behavior in ChinaHua, Y; Dong, F; Goodman, J
2014-01-01A modified Learn++.NSE algorithm for dealing with concept driftDong, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Li, K
2019-10-01Towards a General Prediction System for the Primary Delay in Urban RailwaysWu, J; Zhou, L; Cai, C; Dong, F; Shen, J; Sun, G
2017-05-26Towards massive data and sparse data in adaptive micro open educational resource recommendation: A study on semantic knowledge base construction and cold start problemSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Chen, S; Dong, F; Xu, D; Shen, J
2018-09-07(WIP) Evaluation of a Cloud-Based System for Delivering Adaptive Micro Open Education Resource to Fresh LearnersSun, G; Cui, T; Dong, F; Xu, D; Shen, J; Chen, S; Lin, J