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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Absorption enhancing proximity effects in aperiodic nanowire arraysSturmberg, B; Dossou, K; Botten, L; Asatryan, A; Poulton, C; McPhedran, R; De Sterke, C
2005-01-01Analysis of diffraction gratings by using an edge element methodDossou, K; Packirisamy, M; Fontaine, M
2012Double-heterostructure cavities: From theory to designMahmoodian, S; Sipe, J; Poulton, C; Dossou, K; Botten, L; McPhedran, R; De Sterke, C
2006-09-01Efficient couplers for photonic crystal waveguidesDossou, K; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Asatryan, AA; Chen, S; Brnovic, J
2007Exact modelling of generalised defect modes in photonic crystal structuresDossou, K; Botten, L; Wilcox, S; McPhedran, R; De Sterke, C; Nicorovici, N; Asatryan, A
2006-11-20Finite element computation of grating scattering matrices and application to photonic crystal band calculationsDossou, K; Byrne, MA; Botten, LC
2004-01-01Form birefringence in UV-exposed photosensitive fibers computed using a higher order finite element methodBelhadj, N; LaRochelle, S; Dossou, K
2007Gap-edge asymptotics of defect modes in twodimensional photonic crystalsDossou, K; McPhedran, R; Botten, L; Asatryan, A; De Sterke, C
2005-02-25A high order isoparametric finite element method for the computation of waveguide modesDossou, K; Fontaine, M
2009Impedance of square and triangular lattice photonic crystalsLawrence, F; Botten, L; Dossou, K; De Sterke, C; McPhedran, R
2011Modal Analysis Of Enhanced Absorption In Silicon Nanowire ArraysSturmberg, B; Dossou, K; Botten, L; Asatryan, A; Poulton, C; De, C; McPhedran, R
2007Modeling Light Propagation In Photonic Crystal Devices: Simplification Of The Bloch Mode Scattering Matrix MethodVahn, G; White, T; Steel, M; De Sterke, C; Dossou, K; Botten, L
2009Modes of symmetric composite defects in two-dimensional photonic crystalsDossou, K; Poulton, C; Botten, L; Mahmoodian, S; McPhedran, R; De Sterke, C
2003-05-01A Newton-GMRES approach for the analysis of the postbuckling behavior of the solutions of the Von Kármán equationsDossou, K; Pierre, R
2002-08-01Numerical analysis of the contribution of the transverse asymmetry in the photo-induced index change profile to the birefringence of optical fiberDossou, K; LaRochelle, S; Fontaine, M
2004-02-01Planar Waveguide Echelle Gratings in Silica-On-SiliconJanz, S; Balakrishnan, A; Charbonneau, S; Cheben, P; Cloutier, M; Delâge, A; Dossou, K; Erickson, L; Gao, M; Krug, PA; Lamontagne, B; Packirisamy, M; Pearson, M; Xu, DX
2004-01-01Polarisation dependent loss calculation in echelle gratings using finite element method and Rayleigh expansionDelâge, A; Dossou, K
2009Single and coupled degenerate defect modes in two-dimensional photonic crystal band gapsMahmoodian, S; McPhedran, R; De Sterke, C; Dossou, K; Poulton, C; Botten, L
2008-06-09UV-induced modification of stress distribution in optical fibers and its contribution to Bragg grating birefringenceBelhadj, N; Park, Y; Larochelle, S; Dossou, K; Azaña, J