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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-182015 Green Electricity Guide Methodology and ResultsDownes, J; Norris, K; Rutovitz, J
2015-01-01Calculating global energy sector jobs: 2015 methodologyRutovitz, J; Dominish, E; Downes, J
2016-05-30Data evaluation report of the LIEEP Power Savers Project (PSP)Berry, F; Downes, J; Madden, B; Riedy, CJ
2014-08Development futures: Using futures thinking to re-evaluate the direction of the development sectorWynne, LE; Downes, J; Willetts, J
2014-08Development futures: Using futures thinking to re-evaluate the direction of the development sector, Development Bulletin 76Wynne, LE; Downes, J; Willetts, J
2013-01Electricity retailer disclosure study: Briefing notes for the Total Environment CentreDownes, J; Berry, F; Rutovitz, J
2016-02-01Food Waste at Festivals & Markets: Background ResearchDownes, J; Cordell, D
2016-12-01Food Waste at Festivals & Markets: Yamba ‘Surfing the Coldstream’ Festival TrialDownes, J; Berry, F
2016-08-26Food waste at festivals: Pyrmont Festival pilotDownes, J; Cordell, D
2017-08-22Food waste opportunities within the food wholesale and retail sectorsLewis, H; Downes, J; Verghese, K; Young, G
2015-06-01GreenPower Program Review: Final ReportRiedy, CJ; Jackson, M; Berry, F; Downes, J; Harris, B; Matyus Flynn, S; Saintilan, C; Levine, D
2013-01Investing in Savings: Finance and cooperative approaches to electricity demand management - A scoping study for the Clean Energy Finance CorporationDunstan, C; Sharpe, SA; Downes, J
2014-01Leichhardt Council Community Engagement and Participation Plan: Food recycling in multi-unit dwellingsHerriman, J; Mikhailovich, N; Wynne, LE; Downes, J; Boyle, TM
2014A level playing field for local energy. Issues paper prepared for the City of Sydney.Rutovitz, J; Langham, E; Downes, J
2016-09-01Local Electricity Trading: Issues for RetailersRutovitz, J; Atherton, A; McIntosh, L; Langham, E; Downes, J
2013-01Our energy future: Renewable energy master planIson, N; Ross, K; Cooper, C; Brennan, T; Langham, E; Wynne, L; Riedy, C; Downes, J
2016-12-01Packaging Sustainability in Consumer Companies in Emerging Markets: Final ReportKelly, S; Lewis, H; Atherton, A; Downes, J; Wyndham, J; Giurco, D
2013-01Research into the Economic, Social and Environmental Implications of Population Growth in Australian Cities: Case Study - Logan, QLDHerriman, E; Razian, H; Moore, DD; Ross, K; Downes, J; Paddon, M
2012-01Response to Australian Dietary Guidelines ReviewDaly, JG; Downes, J
2012-01Response to the Draft Appendix in the Australian Dietary Guidelines: Through an Environmental LensDownes, J; Friedlander, J