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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01'Acting sovereign' in the face of gendered protectionismOsuri, G; Dreher, TI; Laforteza, E
2007-01Contesting CabramattaDreher, TI; Poynting, S; Morgan, G
2009-01Creating listening spaces for intergenerational communication - Tiffany Lee-Shoy in Conversation with Tanja DreherLee-Shoy, T; Dreher, TI
2013-01Dodgy Science or Global Necessity? Local Media Reporting of Marine ParksVoyer, M; Dreher, TI; Gladstone, W; Goodall, H; Lester, L; Hutchins, B
2009-01Eavesdropping with permission: the politics of listening for safer speaking spacesDreher, TI
2006-01From cobra grubs to dragons: negotiating the Politics of Representation in Cultural ResearchDreher, TI
2007-01Globalization and the Public Sphere: The Space of Community Media in SydneyCouldry, N; Dreher, TI
2002-01Intersections: an interdisciplinary approach to media, identity and placeDreher, TI
2009-01Listening across difference: Media and multiculturalism beyond the politics of voiceDreher, TI
2009-01Listening, pathbuilding and continuations: A research agenda for the analysis of listeningO'Donnell, PA; Lloyd, JS; Dreher, TI
2010-01Media Interventions in Racialized CommunitiesDreher, TI; Kevin Howley
2008-01Media, multiculturalism and the politics of listeningDreher, TI; Tilley, DE
2009-01New conversations on gender, race and religionDreher, TI; Ho, C; Dreher, T; Christina, HO
2007-01New Media Responsibilities in Reporting TerrorismDreher, TI; Lynch, A; Williams, G; MacDonald, E
2007-01Not another hijab row: New conversations on gender, race, religion and the making of communitiesHo, C; Dreher, TI
2009-01Resentment and Reluctance: Working with everyday diversity and everyday racism in Southern SydneyBloch, BA; Dreher, TI
2009-01Safeguarding MasculinityChalmers, S; Dreher, TI; Dreher, T; Christina, HO
2003-01Speaking up and talking back: News media interventions in Sydney's 'othered' communitiesDreher, TI