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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Academic rejection: The coping strategies of womenEvans, T; Dobele, A; Hartley, NS; Benton, I
2007-01Agreeing to superviseTennant, MC; Roberts, S; Denholm, C; Evans, T
2021-12Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass impregnated with elements from steelmaking slag leaching and simultaneous fabrication of phosphorus adsorbentKan, T; Strezov, V; Evans, T; Kumar, R; He, J; Zhou, X; Ren, J; Lu, Q
2020-09-23Crowdsourcing: Citizen History and Criminal CharactersPiper, A; Ashton, P; Evans, T; Hamilton, P
2011-05-01The effect of ionizing gamma radiation on natural and synthetic fibers and its implications for the forensic examination of fiber evidenceColella, M; Parkinson, A; Evans, T; Robertson, J; Roux, C
2017-07-04Family history and transnational historical consciousnessEvans, T; Clark, A
2014-01-01Lectin-Like Bacteriocins from Pseudomonas spp. Utilise D-Rhamnose Containing Lipopolysaccharide as a Cellular ReceptorMcCaughey, LC; Grinter, R; Josts, I; Roszak, AW; Waløen, KI; Cogdell, RJ; Milner, J; Evans, T; Kelly, S; Tucker, NP; Byron, O; Smith, B; Walker, D
2014-10-16On-line monitoring of methane in sewer airLiu, Y; Sharma, KR; Murthy, S; Johnson, I; Evans, T; Yuan, Z
2009-05-01The recovery of latent fingermarks from evidence exposed to ionizing radiationColella, M; Parkinson, A; Evans, T; Lennard, C; Roux, C
2020-08“Resourceful Reinvention”: Speculative Biography as Public History?Lindsey, K; Ashton, P; Evans, T; Hamilton, P
2021-05-05"Submillimetre mechanistic designs of termite-built structures"Oberst, S; Martin, R; Halkon, B; Lai, J; Evans, T; Saadatfar, M
2005-01Thinking Curriculum: framing research/educationLee, A; Maxwell, T; Hickey, C; Evans, T
2023-06-29Towards a microactuator-sensing network for structural health monitoring of timber polesOberst, S; Sepehrirahnama, S; Nerse, C; Brodzeli, Z; Lai, JCS; Mankowski, M; Atkinson, T; Arango, R; Kirker, G; Evans, T