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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01Cryptic termites avoid predatory ants by eavesdropping on vibrational cues from their footstepsOberst, S; Bann, G; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2021-04-30Exploring the effects of acoustic camouflage studying termite inquiline-host relationshipsFattoruso, V; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2015-04-01An innovative signal processing method to extract ants' walking signalsOberst, S; Nava-Baro, E; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2018-12-01Key physical wood properties in termite foraging decisionsOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2022-09Low radiodensity μCT scans to reveal detailed morphology of the termite leg and its subgenual organ.Sansom, TM; Oberst, S; Richter, A; Lai, JCS; Saadatfar, M; Nowotny, M; Evans, TA
2014-02-14Novel method for pairing wood samples in choice testsOberst, S; Evans, TA; Lai, JCS
2019-11-21Physical Basis of Vibrational Behavior – Channel Properties and NoiseOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA; Hill, PSM; Lakes-Harlan, R; Mazzoni, V; Narins, PM; Virant-Doberlet, M; Wessel, A
2014-03-21Quantifying ant activity using vibration measurementsOberst, S; Baro, EN; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2020-09-24Revisiting stigmergy in light of multi-functional, biogenic, termite structures as communication channelOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Martin, R; Halkon, B; Saadatfar, M; Evans, TA
2013-01-01A signal processing method for extracting vibration signals due to ants' activitiesBaro, EN; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2019-07-01Termites manipulate moisture content, of wood to maximize foraging resourcesOberst, S; Lenz, M; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2017-01-01Termites thrive by using vibrationsLai, JCS; Oberst, S; Evans, TA
2018-08-27Termites use vibrations to eavesdrop on predatory antsLai, JCS; Oberst, S; Evans, TA
2016-02-08Termites utilise clay to build structural supports and so increase foraging resourcesOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA