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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-07-21Calculating vibrational spectra using modified Shepard interpolated potential energy surfacesEvenhuis, CR; Manthe, U
2008-08-07Effect of the air-water interface on the structure of lysozyme in the presence of guanidinium chloridePerriman, AW; Henderson, MJ; Evenhuis, CR; McGillivray, DJ; White, JW
2018-04-01An empirical process model to predict microalgal carbon fixation rates in photobioreactorsTamburic, B; Evenhuis, CR; Crosswell, JR; Ralph, PJ
2015-01-01Gas Transfer Controls Carbon Limitation during Biomass Production by Marine MicroalgaeTamburic, B; Evenhuis, CR; Suggett, DJ; Larkum, AWD; Raven, JA; Ralph, PJ
2009-04-23Locally optimized coordinates in modified shepard interpolationEvenhuis, CR; Collins, MA
2011-06-16Photodissociation of CH<inf>3</inf>I: A full-dimensional (9D) quantum dynamics studyEvenhuis, CR; Manthe, U
2008-05-23Photoionization-induced dynamics of the ammonia cation studied by wave packet calculations using curvilinear coordinatesViel, A; Eisfeld, W; Evenhuis, CR; Manthe, U
2017-09-01Photosynthetic carbon uptake induces autoflocculation of the marine microalga Nannochloropsis oculataTran, NAT; Seymour, JR; Siboni, N; Evenhuis, CR; Tamburic, B
2016-11-01Proteomic and biophysical analyses reveal a metabolic shift in nitrogen deprived Nannochloropsis oculataTran, NAT; Padula, MP; Evenhuis, CR; Commault, AS; Ralph, PJ; Tamburic, B
2010-08-27Trapping a diradical transition state by mechanochemical polymer extensionLenhardt, JM; Ong, MT; Choe, R; Evenhuis, CR; Martinez, TJ; Craig, SL