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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Access to fisheries in the maritime frontier of Palawan Province, PhilippinesFabinyi, M; Dressler, W; Pido, M
2020-02-01Access to marine ecosystem services: Examining entanglement and legitimacy in customary institutionsLau, JD; Cinner, JE; Fabinyi, M; Gurney, GG; Hicks, CC
2016-09-01Aquatic product consumption patterns and perceptions among the Chinese middle classFabinyi, M; Liu, N; Song, Q; Li, R
2021-09-19Asia-Pacific Fishing LivelihoodsFabinyi, M; Barclay, K
2019-11-01Assessing the Governance of Tuna Fisheries for Community Wellbeing: Case studies from Indonesia and Solomon IslandsMcClean, N; Barclay, K; Fabinyi, M; Adhuri, DS; Sulu, R; Indrabudi, T
2021-01Blind spots in visions of a “blue economy” could undermine the ocean's contribution to eliminating hunger and malnutritionFarmery, AK; Allison, EH; Andrew, NL; Troell, M; Voyer, M; Campbell, B; Eriksson, H; Fabinyi, M; Song, AM; Steenbergen, D
2020-06-01Blue economy discourses and practices: reconfiguring ocean spaces in the PhilippinesSatizábal, P; Dressler, WH; Fabinyi, M; Pido, MD
2023-01-03Blue economy: industrialisation and coastal fishing livelihoods in Ghana.Ayilu, RK; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Bawa, MA
-Characteristics and Dynamics of the Freshwater Fish Market in Chengdu, ChinaFang, J; Fabinyi, M
2020-07China at a Crossroads: An Analysis of China's Changing Seafood Production and ConsumptionCrona, B; Wassénius, E; Troell, M; Barclay, K; Mallory, T; Fabinyi, M; Zhang, W; Lam, VWY; Cao, L; Henriksson, PJG; Eriksson, H
2022-02-01China’s 21st century maritime silk road: Challenges and opportunities to coastal livelihoods in ASEAN countriesSong, AY; Fabinyi, M
2022-01-01China’s approach to global fisheries: power in the governance of anti-illegal, unreported and unregulated fishingSong, AY; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K
2021-06-01China’s Blue Economy: A State Project of ModernisationFabinyi, M; Wu, A; Lau, S; Mallory, T; Barclay, K; Walsh, K; Dressler, W
2014-01-01The Chinese policy and governance context for global fisheriesFabinyi, M; Liu, N
2017-06-15Chinese trader perceptions on sourcing and consumption of endangered seafoodFabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Eriksson, H
2022-04Coastal transitions: Small-scale fisheries, livelihoods, and maritime zone developments in Southeast AsiaFabinyi, M; Belton, B; Dressler, WH; Knudsen, M; Adhuri, DS; Abdul Aziz, A; Akber, MA; Kittitornkool, J; Kongkaew, C; Marschke, M; Pido, M; Stacey, N; Steenbergen, DJ; Vandergeest, P
2020-01-01Collateral damage? Small-scale fisheries in the global fight against IUU fishingSong, AM; Scholtens, J; Barclay, K; Bush, SR; Fabinyi, M; Adhuri, DS; Haughton, M
2022-05-27Community-based sandfish sea ranching in the Philippines: Exploring social factors influencing successMcClean, N; Fabinyi, M
2019-01-01Corrigendum: Chinese trader perceptions on sourcing and consumption of endangered seafood [Front. Mar. Sci. 4, (2017), (181)] doi: 10.3389/fmars.2017.00181Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Eriksson, H
2016-12-01Do fish scales matter? Diversification and differentiation in seafood commodity chainsFabinyi, M; Dressler, W; Pido, M