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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-01Automated machine learning-based prediction of microplastics induced impacts on methane production in anaerobic digestion.Xu, R-Z; Cao, J-S; Ye, T; Wang, S-N; Luo, J-Y; Ni, B-J; Fang, F
2021-12Exploring the feasibility of nitrous oxide reduction and polyhydroxyalkanoates production simultaneously by mixed microbial cultures.Fang, F; Xu, R-Z; Huang, Y-Q; Luo, J-Y; Xie, W-M; Ni, B-J; Cao, J-S
2022-02-15Fast identification of fluorescent components in three-dimensional excitation-emission matrix fluorescence spectra via deep learningXu, RZ; Cao, JS; Feng, G; Luo, JY; Feng, Q; Ni, BJ; Fang, F
2016-08-01Graphene-wrapped reversible reaction for advanced hydrogen storageXia, G; Tan, Y; Wu, F; Fang, F; Sun, D; Guo, Z; Huang, Z; Yu, X
2022-01Integrating mechanistic and deep learning models for accurately predicting the enrichment of polyhydroxyalkanoates accumulating bacteria in mixed microbial cultures.Xu, R-Z; Cao, J-S; Luo, J-Y; Feng, Q; Ni, B-J; Fang, F
2019-02-23Model-based evaluation of selenate and nitrate reduction in hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactorChen, X; Lai, CY; Fang, F; Zhao, HP; Dai, X; Ni, BJ
2021-11-01Modeling molecular structure and behavior of microbial extracellular polymeric substances through interacting-particle reaction dynamicsXu, R-Z; Cao, J-S; Feng, G; Luo, J-Y; Wu, Y; Ni, B-J; Fang, F
2023-08-30Nanoparticulate ZrNi: In Situ Disproportionation Effectively Enhances Hydrogen Cycling of MgH2.Zhang, L; Zhang, X; Zhang, W; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Li, J; Yang, L; Gu, C; Sun, W; Gao, M; Pan, H; Liu, Y
2023-09-01Nanostructured light metal hydride: Fabrication strategies and hydrogen storage performanceLiu, Y; Zhang, W; Zhang, X; Yang, L; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Sun, W; Gao, M; Pan, H
2001-07-01Oil containment by boom in waves and wind. I: Numerical modelFang, F; Johnston, AJ
2001-07-01Oil containment by boom in waves and wind. II: WavesFang, F; Johnston, AJ
2001-07-01Oil containment by boom in waves and wind. III: Containment failureFang, F; Johnston, AJ
2017-02-17Quantitative evaluation on the characteristics of activated sludge granules and flocs using a fuzzy entropy-based approachFang, F; Qiao, LL; Ni, BJ; Cao, JS; Yu, HQ
2023-04-01Recovery of phosphorus from wastewater containing humic substances through vivianite crystallization: Interaction and mechanism analysis.Wang, S-N; Cao, J-S; Zhang, J-L; Luo, J-Y; Ni, B-J; Fang, F
2023-05-01Remarkable low-temperature hydrogen cycling kinetics of Mg enabled by VH<inf>x</inf> nanoparticlesZhang, X; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Yang, Y; Gao, M; Pan, H; Liu, Y
2022-08-15Sludge reduction and microbial community evolution of activated sludge induced by metabolic uncoupler o-chlorophenol in long-term anaerobic-oxic process.Wang, S-N; Fang, F; Li, K-Y; Yue, Y-R; Xu, R-Z; Luo, J-Y; Ni, B-J; Cao, J-S
2022-06-01Ultrafast hydrogenation of magnesium enabled by tetragonal ZrO<inf>2</inf> hierarchical nanoparticlesZhang, XL; Zhang, X; Zhang, LC; Huang, ZG; Fang, F; Hu, JJ; Yang, YX; Gao, MX; Pan, HG; Liu, YF