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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-11A Comparative Analysis of Methods (LC-MS/MS, LC-MS and Rapid Test Kits) for the Determination of Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins in Oysters, Mussels and PipisAjani, PA; Sarowar, C; Turnbull, A; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Helleren, S; Hallegraeff, G; Murray, SA
2014-01-01Alexandrium species in New South Wales (NSW) coastal waters: historical distributions and identification of high-risk zonesFarrell, H; Ajani, P; Brett, S; Zammit, A; Murray, S
2018-01-01An assessment of potential heavy metal contaminants in bivalve shellfish from aquaculture zones along the coast of New South Wales, AustraliaFarrell, H; Baker, P; Webster, G; Jansson, E; Szabo, E; Zammit, A
2018-12-31Bloom drivers of the potentially harmful dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimum (Pavillard) Schiller in a south eastern temperate Australian estuaryAjani, PA; Larsson, ME; Woodcock, S; Rubio, A; Farrell, H; Brett, S; Murray, SA
2016-03-31Clinical diagnosis and chemical confirmation of ciguatera fish poisoning in New South Wales, AustraliaFarrell, H; Zammit, A; Manning, J; Shadbolt, C; Szabo, L; Harwood, DT; McNabb, P; Turahui, JA; van den Berg, DJ
2018-11-01Diarrhetic shellfish toxin monitoring in commercial wild harvest bivalve shellfish in new south wales, AustraliaFarrell, H; Ajani, P; Murray, S; Baker, P; Webster, G; Brett, S; Zammit, A
2013-07-15Distribution of the genus Alexandrium (Halim) and paralytic shellfish toxins along the coastline of New South Wales, AustraliaFarrell, H; Brett, S; Ajani, P; Murray, S
2010-02-01Dynamics of co-occurring Alexandrium minutum (Global Clade) and A. tamarense (West European) (Dinophyceae) during a summer bloom in Cork Harbour, Ireland (2006)Touzet, N; Farrell, H; Ní Rathaille, A; Rodriguez, P; Alfonso, A; Botana, LM; Raine, R
2020-05-05Fifteen years of Pseudo-nitzschia in an Australian estuary, including the first potentially toxic P. delicatissima bloom in the southern hemisphereAjani, PA; Larsson, ME; Woodcock, S; Rubio, A; Farrell, H; Brett, S; Murray, SA
2020-06-16First Detection of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins from Alexandrium pacificum above the Regulatory Limit in Blue Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in New South Wales, Australia.Barua, A; Ajani, PA; Ruvindy, R; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Brett, S; Hill, D; Sarowar, C; Hoppenrath, M; Murray, SA
2020-12-16Gambierdiscus, the cause of ciguatera fish poisoning: an increased human health threat influenced by climate changeFarrell, H; Kohli, GS; Murray, SA
2016-08Is ciguatera moving south in Australia?Murray, SA; Farrell, H; Harwood, T; Zammit, A
2017-11-14Management of ciguatoxin risk in eastern AustraliaFarrell, H; Murray, SA; Zammit, A; Edwards, AW
2022-07-01Mapping the development of a Dinophysis bloom in a shellfish aquaculture area using a novel molecular qPCR assayAjani, PA; Henriquez-Nunez, HF; Verma, A; Nagai, S; Uchida, H; Tesoriero, MJ; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Brett, S; Murray, SA
2016-12-20Modelling bloom formation of the toxic dinoflagellates Dinophysis acuminata and Dinophysis caudata in a highly modified estuary, south eastern AustraliaAjani, P; Larsson, ME; Rubio, A; Bush, S; Brett, S; Farrell, H
2020-01-01Overview of Australian and New Zealand harmful algal species occurrences and their societal impacts in the period 1985 to 2018, including a compilation of historic recordsHallegraeff, GM; Schweibold, L; Jaffrezic, E; Rhodes, L; MacKenzie, L; Hay, B; Farrell, H
2009A paradigm shift from student to researcher: An academic preparation program for international studentsJones, G; Farrell, H; Goldsmith, R
2009-11-30Paradigm shift from student to researcher: An academic preparation program for international studentsGoldsmith, RJ; Jones, G; Farrell, H
2014-03-01Phased cell division, specific division rates and other biological observations of Dinophysis populations in sub-surface layers off the south coast of IrelandFarrell, H; Velo-Suarez, L; Reguera, B; Raine, R
2021-08-30Risk from Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins and Dinophysis to the Australian Shellfish Industry.Ajani, P; Farrell, H; Hallegraeff, G; Helleren, S; Lamb, P; Turnbull, A; Zammit, A; Murray, S