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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1995Altered Immune-Responses In Mice Lacking Inducible Nitric-Oxide SynthaseWei, X; Charles, IG; Smith, AC; Ure, J; Feng, C; Huang, FY; Xu, DX; Muller, WJ; Moncada, S; Liew, F
Aug-2012An Alternative Perspective on the Household Registration in ChinaFeng, C
Jan-2011The Changing Political Identity of the Overseas Chinese in AustraliaFeng, C
Jan-2011Charter 08's Qing Dynasty PrecursorFeng, C; Larson, J
Jan-2010Charter 08, the Troubled History and Future of Chinese LiberalismFeng, C
1-Jan-2016China's socialist rule of law: A critical appraisal of the relationship between the Communist Party and comprehensive law reformFeng, C
Jan-2003Chinese Culture and the 'Third Way' in the Twenty-First CenturyFeng, C; Jun Liang
2017Chinese Scholars’ Participatory Action Research and China’s Transformation to Constitutional DemocracyFeng, C; Feng, C; Yang, H
Jan-2011The Chinese Tradition, China Model and Chinese ModernityFeng, C; Li Honglei
1-Jan-2018Chitosa n-based nano-biocomposites and their applications in medicine and pharmaceuticsYang, Z; Li, P; McDonagh, A; Li, S; Lv, M; Li, Y; Yu, Z; Feng, C
Jan-2003Cong zhonguo hua dao quanqiu hua [From 'Sinification' to Globalisation]Feng, C
Jan-2005Constitutional Democracy: The Very Nature of 'Whole-sale Westernisation' in ChinaFeng, C
Jan-2005The Death of the Concerned Intellectual?Feng, C
Jan-2007Democratization in China and Democrats within the Chinese Communist PartyFeng, C; Feng Chongyi
2015Development of Constitutionalism in China since 1989Feng, C; Cheng, JYS
Jan-2013The Dilemma of Stability Preservation in ChinaFeng, C
2002Disan daolu shiji meng: Shehui minzhu zhuyi zai zhongguo de lishi huigu (A century's search for the third way: a historical perspective of social democracy in China)Feng, C
1-Jan-2014Effect of hybrid circle reservoir injected with wavelet-neurons on performance of echo state networkCui, H; Feng, C; Chai, Y; Liu, RP; Liu, Y
1-Sep-2016Effect of straw and polyacrylamide on the stability of land/water ecotone soil and the field implementationLu, S; Chen, F; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Feng, C; Wu, J; Zheng, B
Jan-2011Falun Gong in the Academic PerspectiveFeng, C; Ling Xiaohui