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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06FXYD1 Is Protective Against Vascular Dysfunction.Bubb, KJ; Tang, O; Gentile, C; Moosavi, SM; Hansen, T; Liu, C-C; Di Bartolo, BA; Figtree, GA
2017-08-21Hypoxia-Responsive Cobalt Complexes in Tumor Spheroids: Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and Magnetic Resonance Imaging StudiesO'Neill, ES; Kaur, A; Bishop, DP; Shishmarev, D; Kuchel, PW; Grieve, SM; Figtree, GA; Renfrew, AK; Bonnitcha, PD; New, EJ
2020-11Lack of Strategic Funding and Long-Term Job Security Threaten to Have Profound Effects on Cardiovascular Researcher Retention in Australia.Climie, RE; Wu, JHY; Calkin, AC; Chapman, N; Inglis, SC; Mirabito Colafella, KM; Picone, DS; Tan, JTM; Thomas, E; Viola, HM; Wise, SG; Murphy, AJ; Nelson, MR; Nicholls, SJ; Hool, LC; Doyle, K; Figtree, GA; Marques, FZ; Australian Cardiovascular Alliance,
2019-01Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Spheroids as 3D In Vitro Models of the Human Heart Microenvironment.Campbell, M; Chabria, M; Figtree, GA; Polonchuk, L; Gentile, C
2019-01-01The role of redox signalling in cardiovascular regenerationHansen, T; Saleh, S; Figtree, GA; Gentile, C
2017Vascularized Cardiac Spheroids as Novel 3D in vitro Models to Study Cardiac Fibrosis.Figtree, GA; Bubb, KJ; Tang, O; Kizana, E; Gentile, C
2016-02-19β3 Adrenergic Stimulation Restores Nitric Oxide/Redox Balance and Enhances Endothelial Function in Hyperglycemia.Karimi Galougahi, K; Liu, C-C; Garcia, A; Gentile, C; Fry, NA; Hamilton, EJ; Hawkins, CL; Figtree, GA