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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01A genetic algorithm to identify the optimal concrete mix for the elements subject to risk of early age thermal crackingGharehchaei, M; Akbarnezhad, A; Chilwesa, M; Castel, A; Lloyd, R; Foster, S
2019-01-01Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Secondary Students’ Experiences of RacismBodkin-Andrews, G; Clark, T; Foster, S; Ratuva, S
2013-01-01Activity of a heptad of transcription factors is associated with stem cell programs and clinical outcome in acute myeloid leukemiaDiffner, E; Beck, D; Gudgin, E; Thoms, JAI; Knezevic, K; Pridans, C; Foster, S; Goode, D; Lim, WK; Boelen, L; Metzeler, KH; Micklem, G; Bohlander, SK; Buske, C; Burnett, A; Ottersbach, K; Vassiliou, GS; Olivier, J; Wong, JWH; Göttgens, B; Huntly, BJ; Pimanda, JE
2009-01Analysis of RC beams subjected to shock loading using a modified fibre element formulationValipour Goudarzi, H; Huynh, L; Foster, S
2013-08-12Application of externally post-tensioned FRP bars for strengthening reinforced concrete membersRajabi, A; Valipour, HR; Samali, B; Foster, S
2019BarrawaoBurrell, A; Foster, S; Hendery, R; Hromek, D; King, L
2022-11-14Bell frogs, dugong bones and giant cauliflowers: water stories come to life at Green SquareVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A; Foster, S
2016-12-01Calibration of Australian Standard AS3600 concrete structures part II: reliability indices and changes to capacity reduction factorsStewart, MG; Foster, S; Ahammed, M; Sirivivatnanon, V
2016-10-01Compressive stress-strain model for low-calcium fly ash-based geopolymer and heat-cured Portland cement concreteNoushini, A; Aslani, F; Castel, A; Gilbert, RI; Uy, B; Foster, S
2007-01Consistent Mass and Exact Displacement Shape Function for a TaperedValipour Goudarzi, H; Foster, S; Veidt, M; Albermani, F; Daniel, B; Griffiths, J; Hargreaves, D; McAree, R; Meehan, P; Tan, A
2005-01Debonding Failure in CFRP strengthened Concrete BeamsKhomwan, N; Foster, S; Smith, ST; Seracino, R
2013-05-29Development of arching action in longitudinally-restrained reinforced concrete beamsFarhangVesali, N; Valipour, H; Samali, B; Foster, S
2017-11-01Experimental study of progressive collapse resistance of reinforced concrete framed structuresKhorsandnia, N; Valipour, H; Foster, S; Amin, A
2010-01Finite element modelling of reinforced concrete framed structures including catenary actionValipour Goudarzi, H; Foster, S
2017-06-01Groundwater and poverty in sub-Saharan AfricaBaguma, A; Bizoza, A; Carter, R; Cavill, S; Foster, S; Foster, T; Jobbins, G; Hope, R; Katuva, J; Koehler, J; Shepherd, A; Simons, A
2020-11Hierarchically nanostructured thermoelectric materials: challenges and opportunities for improved power factorsNeophytou, N; Vargiamidis, V; Foster, S; Graziosi, P; de Sousa Oliveira, L; Chakraborty, D; Li, Z; Thesberg, M; Kosina, H; Bennett, N; Pennelli, G; Narducci, D
2007-01An Improved Flexibility Formulation for Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete FramesValipour Goudarzi, H; Foster, S; Veidt, M; Albermani, F; Daniel, B; Griffiths, J; Hargreaves, D; McAree, R; Meehan, P; Tan, A
2022-03-22‘May you always taste the sweetest fruit’: uncovering the history and hidden delights of your neighbourhoodCrosby, A; Foster, S; Vanni Accarigi, I
2021-09-13Minimising risk of early-age thermal cracking and delayed ettringite formation in concrete – A hybrid numerical simulation and genetic algorithm mix optimisation approachChiniforush, AA; Gharehchaei, M; Akbar Nezhad, A; Castel, A; Moghaddam, F; Keyte, L; Hocking, D; Foster, S
2010-01Nonlinear analysis of 3D reinforced concrete frames: effect of section torsion on the global responseValipour Goudarzi, H; Foster, S