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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-06Domestic and international travel: Implications for performance and recovery in team-sport athletesDuffield, R; Fowler, PM
2017-04-01Effects of long-haul transmeridian travel on player preparedness: Case study of a national team at the 2014 FIFA World CupFowler, PM; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duffield, R
2016-10-01Effects of long-haul transmeridian travel on subjective jet-lag and self-reported sleep and upper respiratory symptoms in professional rugby league playersFowler, PM; Duffield, R; Lu, D; Hickmans, JA; Scott, TJ
2015-01-01Effects of sleep hygiene and artificial bright light interventions on recovery from simulated international air travelFowler, PM; Duffield, R; Morrow, I; Roach, G; Vaile, J
2017-12-01Greater Effect of East versus West Travel on Jet Lag, Sleep, and Team Sport PerformanceFowler, PM; Knez, W; Crowcroft, S; Mendham, AE; Miller, J; Sargent, C; Halson, S; Duffield, R
2021-07-14Managing Travel Fatigue and Jet Lag in Athletes: A Review and Consensus StatementJanse van Rensburg, DC; Jansen van Rensburg, A; Fowler, PM; Bender, AM; Stevens, D; Sullivan, KO; Fullagar, HHK; Alonso, J-M; Biggins, M; Claassen-Smithers, A; Collins, R; Dohi, M; Driller, MW; Dunican, IC; Gupta, L; Halson, SL; Lastella, M; Miles, KH; Nedelec, M; Page, T; Roach, G; Sargent, C; Singh, M; Vincent, GE; Vitale, JA; Botha, T
2021-05-29The Use of Recovery Strategies in Professional Soccer: A Worldwide Survey.Field, A; Harper, LD; Chrismas, BCR; Fowler, PM; McCall, A; Paul, DJ; Chamari, K; Taylor, L