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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Beyond the veto: Roles in UN security council decision-makingGifkins, J
2019-11-01Brexit and the UN security Council: Declining British influence?Gifkins, J; Jarvis, S; Ralph, J
2016-06-01DarfurGifkins, J; Bellamy, A; Dunne, T
2019-01-01Global Britain in the United NationsGifkins, J; Jarvis, S; Ralph, J
2023-10-26Inside the Un Security Council Legitimation Practices and DarfurGifkins, J
2011-11-01Libya and the state of interventionDunne, T; Gifkins, J
2016-01-01Naming and Framing: Darfur, the Genocide Debate, and the Responsibility to ProtectGifkins, J; Mayerson, D
2021-03-31Queering Atrocity PreventionGifkins, J; Cooper-Cunningham, D; Ferguson, K; Kremer, D; Mostafa, F
2023-09-05Queering the Responsibility to ProtectGifkins, J; Cooper-Cunningham, D
2016-06-01R2P in the UN Security Council: Darfur, Libya and beyondGifkins, J
2023-01-01The Evolution of Mass Atrocity Early Warning in the UN Secretariat: Fit for Purpose?McLoughlin, S; Gifkins, J; Bellamy, AJ
2017-09The purpose of United Nations Security Council practice: Contesting competence claims in the normative context created by the Responsibility to Protect.Ralph, J; Gifkins, J
2018-01-02The responsibility to protect and the question of attributionAistrope, T; Gifkins, J; Taylor, NAJ
2022-10The Responsibility to Protect in Darfur: From Forgotten Conflict to Global Cause and BackGifkins, J
2019-09The Responsibility to Protect: from promise to practiceGifkins, J
2012The UN Security Council Divided: Syria in CrisisGifkins, J
2020-05-01The United Kingdom’s special responsibilities at the United Nations: Diplomatic practice in normative contextRalph, J; Gifkins, J; Jarvis, S
2015-01-01What is critical military studies?Basham, VM; Belkin, A; Gifkins, J