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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-16CELPI: trial protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a Carer End of Life Planning Intervention in people dying with dementia.Arendts, G; Chenoweth, L; Hayes, BJ; Campbell, E; Agar, M; Etherton-Beer, C; Spilsbury, K; Howard, K; Braitberg, G; Cubitt, M; Sheehan, C; Magann, L; Sudharshan, T; Schnitker, LM; Pearce, J; Gilmore, I; Cerra, N; duPreez, J; Jaworski, R; Soh, S-C; Celenza, A
2014-01-01Comparison of regional flood methods in New South WalesGilmore, I; Stensmyr, P; Babister, M; Retallick, M; Ball, J
2019-12-01Involving consumers with palliative care needs and their families in research: A case studyVirdun, C; Luckett, T; Gilmore, I; Brassil, M; Lilian, R; Lorenz, K; Phillips, J
2020-08-31Older Persons' and Their Caregivers' Perspectives and Experiences of Research Participation With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity: A Scoping Review.Hosie, A; Kochovska, S; Ries, N; Gilmore, I; Parker, D; Sinclair, C; Sheehan, C; Collier, A; Caplan, GA; Visser, M; Xu, X; Lobb, E; Sheahan, L; Brown, L; Lee, W; Sanderson, CR; Amgarth-Duff, I; Green, A; Edwards, L; Agar, MR
2023-11-15The COVID-19 Pandemic: Bereavement Experiences Between Hospital and Home Deaths in Palliative Care.Lobb, E; Maccallum, F; Phillips, JL; Agar, M; Hosie, A; Breen, LJ; Tieman, J; DiGiacomo, M; Luckett, T; Philip, J; Ivynian, S; Chang, S; Dadich, A; Harlum, J; Gilmore, I; Kinchin, I; Grossman, C; Glasgow, N
2023-12-25The mental health of Australians bereaved during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic: A latent class analysisMaccallum, F; Breen, L; Phillips, J; Agar, M; Hosie, A; Tieman, J; DiGiacomo, M; Luckett, T; Philip, J; Ivynian, S; Chang, S; Dadich, A; Grossman, C; Gilmore, I; Harlum, J; Kitchin, I; Glasgow, N; Lobb, E