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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012The Extended Co-learning Framework for Robust Object TrackingGong, C; Liu, Y; Li, T; Yang, J; He, S; NA
Jun-2017Label Propagation via Teaching-to-Learn and Learning-to-Teach.Gong, C; Tao, D; Liu, W; Liu, L; Yang, J
Jul-2016Multi-Modal Curriculum Learning for Semi-Supervised Image Classification.Gong, C; Tao, D; Maybank, SJ; Liu, W; Kang, G; Yang, J
3-Nov-2016Online multi-object tracking by quadratic pseudo-boolean optimizationTao, D; Lan, L; Gong, C; Guan, N; Luo, Z
Jun-2014PageRank tracker: from ranking to tracking.Gong, C; Fu, K; Loza, A; Wu, Q; Liu, J; Yang, J
Mar-2018A Regularization Approach for Instance-Based Superset Label Learning.Gong, C; Liu, T; Tang, Y; Yang, J; Yang, J; Tao, D
2013Robust Object Tracking Using Linear Neighborhood PropagationGong, C; Fu, K; Tu, E; Yang, J; He, S
25-Jan-2013Robust object tracking using linear neighborhood propagationGong, C; Fu, K; Tu, E; Yang, J; He, X
22-Aug-2015Scalable Semi-Supervised Classification via Neumann SeriesGong, C; Fu, K; Zhou, L; Yang, J; He, X
Sep-2014Semi-supervised classification with pairwise constraintsGong, C; Fu, K; Wu, Q; Tu, E; Yang, J
1-May-2018Semi-supervised dictionary learning via local sparse constraints for violence detectionZhang, T; Jia, W; Gong, C; Sun, J; Song, X
14-Jul-2014Spectral salient object detectionFu, K; Gong, C; Gu, IYH; Yang, J; He, X
1-Dec-2016Teaching-to-learn and learning-to-teach for multi-label propagationGong, C; Tao, D; Yang, J; Liu, W
4-May-2014Violent video detection based on MoSIFT feature and sparse codingXu, L; Gong, C; Yang, J; Wu, Q; Yao, L; Zoubir, A
28-May-2017Visual Tracking via Nonnegative Multiple CodingLiu, F; Gong, C; Zhou, T; Fu, K; He, XS; Yang, J