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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01A retrospective audit on usage of Diatrizoate Meglumine (Gastrografin®) for intestinal obstruction or constipation in patients with advanced neoplasms.Heng, S; Hardy, J; Good, P
2011-05-01Aggregating single patient (n-of-1) trials in populations where recruitment and retention was difficult: The case of palliative careNikles, J; Mitchell, GK; Schluter, P; Good, P; Hardy, J; Rowett, D; Shelby-James, T; Vohra, S; Currow, D
2017-02An open-label pilot study of oral vitamin C as an opioid-sparing agent in patients with chronic pain secondary to cancer.Pinkerton, E; Good, P; Gibbons, K; Hardy, J
2013-02-01The art of letting go: Referral to palliative care and its discontentsBroom, A; Kirby, E; Good, P; Wootton, J; Adams, J
2017-10Assessing the practice of palliative care doctors: what driving advice do they give patients with advanced disease?Weir, N; Fischer, A; Good, P
2022-10-19Association of KCNJ6 rs2070995 and methadone response for pain management in advanced cancer at end-of-life.Ozberk, D; Haywood, A; Sutherland, HG; Yu, C; Albury, CL; Zunk, M; George, R; Good, P; Griffiths, LR; Hardy, J; Haupt, LM
2022-04Association of polymorphisms in ARRB2 and clinical response to methadone for pain in advanced cancer.Ozberk, D; Haywood, A; Sutherland, HG; Yu, C; Albury, CL; Zunk, M; George, R; Good, P; Griffiths, LR; Hardy, J; Haupt, LM
2017-09Can Saliva and Plasma Methadone Concentrations Be Used for Enantioselective Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies in Patients With Advanced Cancer?George, R; Haywood, A; Good, P; Hennig, S; Khan, S; Norris, R; Hardy, J
2018-03-04Characteristics of community palliative care patients requiring acute admission to hospitalJessop, M; Fischer, A; McNeilly, A; May, A; Good, P
2017-07-03Corticosteroids for adult patients with advanced cancer who have nausea and vomiting (not related to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery).Vayne-Bossert, P; Haywood, A; Good, P; Khan, S; Rickett, K; Hardy, JR
2023-07-03Defining research priorities and needs in cancer symptoms for adults diagnosed with cancer: an Australian/New Zealand modified Delphi study.Yenson, VM; Amgarth-Duff, I; Brown, L; Caperchione, CM; Clark, K; Cross, A; Good, P; Landers, A; Luckett, T; Philip, J; Steer, C; Vardy, JL; Wong, AK; Agar, MR
2013-11-18Do pilocarpine drops help dry mouth in palliative care patients: A protocol for an aggregated series of n-of-1 trialsNikles, J; Mitchell, GK; Hardy, J; Agar, M; Senior, H; Carmont, SA; Schluter, PJ; Good, P; Vora, R; Currow, D
2022-04Does Cannabidiol Have a Benefit as a Supportive Care Drug in Cancer?Lord, S; Hardy, J; Good, P
2015-09-01The effect of methylphenidate on fatigue in advanced cancer: An aggregated N-of-1 trialMitchell, GK; Hardy, JR; Nikles, CJ; Carmont, SAS; Senior, HE; Schluter, PJ; Good, P; Currow, DC
2021-01-01Emotionally reflexive labour in end-of-life communication.Olson, RE; Smith, A; Good, P; Neate, E; Hughes, C; Hardy, J
2022-01-01Evaluation of a nurse practitioner role within a specialist palliative care service in AustraliaFischer, A; May, A; Lancaster, M; Alexander, K; Good, P
2017-10Experiences of interpreters in supporting the transition from oncology to palliative care: A qualitative study.Kirby, E; Broom, A; Good, P; Bowden, V; Lwin, Z
2014-01-01Families and the transition to specialist palliative careKirby, E; Broom, A; Good, P; Wootton, J; Adams, J
2019-09-01Harms From Haloperidol for Symptom Management in Palliative Care—a Post Hoc Pooled Analysis of Three Randomized Controlled Studies and Two Consecutive Cohort StudiesMatsuoka, H; Agar, M; Vandersman, Z; Good, P; Fazekas, B; Brown, L; Hardy, J; Weil, J; Currow, DC
2021-10-09Hopeful dying? The meanings and practice of hope in palliative care family meetings.Kirby, E; Broom, A; MacArtney, J; Lewis, S; Good, P