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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-06A guide to the design of magnetic particle imaging tracers for biomedical applications.Duong, HTK; Abdibastami, A; Gloag, L; Barrera, L; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2022-03-01A single-Pt-atom-on-Ru-nanoparticle electrocatalyst for CO-resilient methanol oxidationPoerwoprajitno, AR; Gloag, L; Watt, J; Cheong, S; Tan, X; Lei, H; Tahini, HA; Henson, A; Subhash, B; Bedford, NM; Miller, BK; O’Mara, PB; Benedetti, TM; Huber, DL; Zhang, W; Smith, SC; Gooding, JJ; Schuhmann, W; Tilley, RD
2016-04-15Adsorption of T4 bacteriophages on planar indium tin oxide surface via controlled surface tailoringLiana, AE; Chia, EW; Marquis, CP; Gunawan, C; Gooding, JJ; Amal, R
2023-10-24Controlling Platinum Active Sites on Silver Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionMariandry, K; Kokate, R; Somerville, SV; Gloag, L; Cheong, S; Carroll, LR; Kumar, PV; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2023-09-14Evaluation of Dimercaptosuccinic Acid-Coated Iron Nanoparticles Immunotargeted to Amyloid Beta as MRI Contrast Agents for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.Ulanova, M; Gloag, L; Bongers, A; Kim, C-K; Duong, HTK; Kim, HN; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD; Biazik, J; Wen, W; Sachdev, PS; Braidy, N
2022-08-01Flow-Based Synthesis of Gold-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetoplasmonic Sensing ApplicationsMehdipour, M; Gloag, L; Hagness, D; Lian, J; Alam, MS; Chen, X; Tilley, RD; Gooding, JJ
2022-06-29Introducing Stacking Faults into Three-Dimensional Branched Nickel Nanoparticles for Improved Catalytic Activity.Ramadhan, ZR; Poerwoprajitno, AR; Cheong, S; Webster, RF; Kumar, PV; Cychy, S; Gloag, L; Benedetti, TM; Marjo, CE; Muhler, M; Wang, D-W; Gooding, JJ; Schuhmann, W; Tilley, RD
2016-06-23Light-Activated Electrochemistry for the Two-Dimensional Interrogation of Electroactive Regions on a Monolithic Surface with Dramatically Improved Spatial ResolutionYang, Y; Ciampi, S; Zhu, Y; Gooding, JJ
2019-02-15Micropatterning of porous silicon Bragg reflectors with poly(ethylene glycol) to fabricate cell microarrays: Towards single cell sensing.Piya, R; Zhu, Y; Soeriyadi, AH; Silva, SM; Reece, PJ; Gooding, JJ
2016-03-09Optical Manipulation and Spectroscopy of Silicon Nanoparticles Exhibiting Dielectric ResonancesAndres-Arroyo, A; Gupta, B; Wang, F; Gooding, JJ; Reece, PJ
2009-04-28pH-Detachable polymer brushes formed using titanium-diol coordination chemistry and living radical polymerization (RAFT)Liu, J; Yang, W; Zareie, HM; Gooding, JJ; Davis, TP
2017-10-27Real-Time Bioimpedance Sensing of Antifibrotic Drug Action in Primary Human CellsParviz, M; Toshniwal, P; Viola, HM; Hool, LC; Fear, PMW; Wood, FM; Gaus, K; Iyer, KS; Gooding, JJ
2017-01-01Simultaneous impedance spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy for the real-time monitoring of the response of cells to drugsParviz, M; Gaus, K; Gooding, JJ
2009-09-15Structure and properties of redox active self-assembled monolayers formed from norbornylogous bridgesEggers, PK; Zareie, HM; Paddon-Row, MN; Gooding, JJ
2023-01-13Synthesis of hierarchical metal nanostructures with high electrocatalytic surface areas.Gloag, L; Poerwoprajitno, AR; Cheong, S; Ramadhan, ZR; Adschiri, T; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2022-06-21Synthetic Strategies to Enhance the Electrocatalytic Properties of Branched Metal Nanoparticles.Poerwoprajitno, AR; Cheong, S; Gloag, L; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2018-09-01Systematic review of the impact of point-of-care testing for influenza on the outcomes of patients with acute respiratory tract infectionEgilmezer, E; Walker, GJ; Bakthavathsalam, P; Peterson, JR; Gooding, JJ; Rawlinson, W; Stelzer-Braid, S
2017-03-01T4 bacteriophage conjugated magnetic particles for E. coli capturing: Influence of bacteriophage loading, temperature and tryptoneLiana, AE; Marquis, CP; Gunawan, C; Gooding, JJ; Amal, R
2023-12-13Tuning the Pt-Ru Atomic Neighbors for Active and Stable Methanol Oxidation ElectrocatalysisPoerwoprajitno, AR; Li, Q; Cheong, S; Gloag, L; Yang, Y; Subhash, B; Bedford, NM; Watt, J; Huber, DL; Gooding, JJ; Schuhmann, W; Tilley, RD
2017-12-20Versatile Fabrication Approach of Conductive Hydrogels via Copolymerization with Vinyl Monomers.Jiang, L; Gentile, C; Lauto, A; Cui, C; Song, Y; Romeo, T; Silva, SM; Tang, O; Sharma, P; Figtree, G; Gooding, JJ; Mawad, D