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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03Compensatory approaches and engagement techniques to gain flood storage in England and WalesMcCarthy, S; Viavattene, C; Sheehan, J; Green, C
2019-06-01Cyt-Geist: Current and Future Challenges in Cytometry: Reports of the CYTO 2018 Conference WorkshopsCzechowska, K; Lannigan, J; Wang, L; Arcidiacono, J; Ashhurst, TM; Barnard, RM; Bauer, S; Bispo, C; Bonilla, DL; Brinkman, RR; Cabanski, M; Chang, HD; Chakrabarti, L; Chojnowski, G; Cotleur, B; Degheidy, H; Dela Cruz, GV; Eck, S; Elliott, J; Errington, R; Filby, A; Gagnon, D; Gardner, R; Green, C; Gregory, M; Groves, CJ; Hall, C; Hammes, F; Hedrick, M; Hoffman, R; Icha, J; Ivaska, J; Jenner, DC; Jones, D; Kerckhof, FM; Kukat, C; Lanham, D; Leavesley, S; Lee, M; Lin-Gibson, S; Litwin, V; Liu, Y; Molloy, J; Moore, JS; Müller, S; Nedbal, J; Niesner, R; Nitta, N; Ohlsson-Wilhelm, B; Paul, NE; Perfetto, S; Portat, Z; Props, R; Radtke, S; Rayanki, R; Rieger, A; Rogers, S; Rubbens, P; Salomon, R; Schiemann, M; Sharpe, J; Sonder, SU; Stewart, JJ; Sun, Y; Ulrich, H; Van Isterdael, G; Vitaliti, A; van Vreden, C; Weber, M; Zimmermann, J; Vacca, G; Wallace, P; Tárnok, A
2002-01Forecasting Hong Kong House Prices: An Artificial Neural Network vs Log-linear Regression ApproachGe, J; Runeson, G; Lam, K; Sun, M; Aouad, G; Green, C; Omerod, M; Ruddock, L; Alexander, K
2014-01-01Regeneration beyond austerity: A collective viewpointPugalis, L; Liddle, J; Deas, I; Bailey, N; Pill, M; Green, C; Pearson, C; Reeve, A; Shipley, R; Manns, J; Dickinson, S; Joyce, P; Marlow, D; Havers, I; Rowe, M; Southern, A; Headlam, N; Janssen-Jansen, L; Lloyd, G; Doyle, J; Cummings, C; McGuinness, D; Broughton, K; Berkeley, N; Jarvis, D
2020Sport-for-Development and (Partnerships with) the Health Sector: Reflections from the Pacific IslandsSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Welty Peachey, J; Green, C; Chalip, L
2015-08-01Systemic delivery of a mimetic peptide against CONNEXIN43 GAP junction protein in rats following spinal cord injuryMoalem-Taylor, G; Mao, Y; Tonkin, R; Nguyen, T; O'Carroll, S; Nicholson, L; Green, C; Gorrie, C
2015-01-01Waste the waist: A pilot randomised controlled trial of a primary care based intervention to support lifestyle change in people with high cardiovascular riskGreaves, C; Gillison, F; Stathi, A; Bennett, P; Reddy, P; Dunbar, J; Perry, R; Messom, D; Chandler, R; Francis, M; Davis, M; Green, C; Evans, P; Taylor, G